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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Trusting your friends

I like the BBC "Miss Marple" series. My family is puzzled as to why since they find these boring but I enjoy them.

Last night as I was watching one it hit me how show after show you see how people really appreciate Miss Marple's friendship. Of course it's just a mystery show and all but what struck me was that she always takes her friends seriously and believes them. When they express to her their concerns she does not brush them off. If they think they've witnessed a crime and the police and/or others think they're being imaginative, Miss Marple believes in them. You hear her saying things like "you think that something is wrong here and I know that you're not a fanciful person so of course there's a problem".

What a wonderful quality in a friend. A person with this characteristic is one with whom others would feel safe enough to share their concerns.

I want to be like that for the people in my life. I want to take the time to really listen to them, take them seriously when they have a concern and not just offer quick-fixes.

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