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Monday, October 8, 2007

8 things you can do each evening to make your next morning better

If you're a night time person like me, mornings can be a real challenge.

By taking the time to do these 8 things the evening before, I've found my mornings to be much less trying:

  • Make a to do list for the next day
  • If possible, do one item on that list to make the next day easier
  • Clean the kitchen sink
  • Get to bed at a decent hour
  • Pick a dinner from my menu plan for the next day and do any night before prep that’s necessary *
  • If I have someplace to be before noon the next day, make sure that what I will be wearing is clean & ready
  • Spend 5 minutes reading/watching/listening to something that inspires me

* Does menu planning with grocery lists sound like a good idea, except that you find yourself overwhelmed just thinking about it?

If you'd like some help getting started with the whole menu plan/grocery list thing, I have a email course series, Seven simple steps to menus and grocery lists, that can help. It's 7 simple emails that come at 3 day intervals. Each email includes a 3-day menu plan with corresponding grocery list. By the end of it you'll have 3 weeks worth of menu plans with grocery lists.

All you need to do to receive this mailing is to sign up below. Please note that your email will be used only to email you the 7 emails of seven simple steps to menus and grocery lists.

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