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Monday, October 8, 2007

Do you have trouble keeping track of time?

I do.

On several levels I have trouble keeping track of time.

Among those close to me I am famous (notorious?) for becoming totally absorbed with whatever I'm doing and not noticing how much time has passed. This has been known to make things take longer than I originally tell people it's going to take.

I have forgotten important dates and not done things that I regret not doing. This makes me feel like I'm losing a piece of my mind.

Recently I found a system that works for me in my personal life. Since I go to the computer every day to check emails, my websites, etc., I have a long narrow piece of paper now taped to the right hand side of my computer. This paper does not cover the screen of the computer. On it I list the upcoming 6 weeks of important dates/events so I will not forget. I only put really important stuff that I just can't forget on this paper so it never has too many dates.

So far this has helped me out a lot and I haven't missed a date since I started doing this 4 months ago.

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