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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

God is enough

Lately I've been trying to start my day off right.

The moment I decide to get out of bed I've been making myself talk aloud to God and thank Him for another day. Thank Him for His goodness and blessing that by faith I believe I will experience in the coming day. Then I make sure to take just a few moments to pray and reflect a bit on some Bible verses.  Lately I've been utilizing Proverbs 31 devotionals.  This morning the devotion was from Luke 2:1-4 & 2 Corinthians 12:9.  The devotional author talked about how sometimes you feel like you're not enough. How when you give everything that you have to God, He uses His strength and power to make us all we need to be.

Little did I realize this morning how relevant these thoughts would be to my day.

When I first arrived at work today I was bombarded with a newspaper article. The local newspaper carried a negative article on part of the front page about our facility.  The same article is posted on facebook. On the facebook article there are more than 50 terrible comments (several of them posted by former employees who had been separated from their jobs).

The news article is not accurate.  The comments all basically say how terrible we are and how bad facility management is.  The truth is that since I came to this facility almost a year ago, by God's grace and goodness, many positive changes have been made. We have many caring and competent employees who go above and beyond to take excellent care of patients.  Things are not yet where I want them to be; sometimes we have employees who do not utilize good common sense, who are lazy, or who have poor customer service skills. Sometimes our communication regarding patients is dis-jointed.

We've all worked so hard.  I want to do such a good job.  It breaks my heart to read all these terrible things in the newspaper.  Things are not where I want them to be yet; but things are not as the article makes it seem.  I felt so inadequate today.  Like I'm not good enough.

Then I remember -of course I'm not good enough!  But God is enough, and I pray that His wisdom, strength, and ability would be manifest in me at my job so that this facility would become increasingly wonderful.

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