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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Advent day 1 - The Light of Christ

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At the beginning of this season of advent I want to go deeper into Christ.

This morning I'm thinking about those verses from John 1:1-4 about how Jesus came to be a light.  Our world is dark with the influence of sin and we need His light.  I also personally need His light. 

This morning the author of a first day of advent devotional that I read talked about how in our cities we can't see the light from the stars because there is too much competition with the city lights.  He challenged me to make sure I'm not too distracted by the glare of the computer, my blackberry, or the television to be able to see the light of Christ.

Father, may this season of advent be a time when I let my heart become more wholly yours.  Show me what things are distracting me from You.  Help me set those things aside so that I may see Your light more clearly. May seeing Your light help me also see other people as You do.  May I see the people who are in my life each day and not miss out on any opportunities that you bring my way to reach out and bless them.  Thank you for being my light.  Thank You that You, the great big God of the universe, want me to draw near to You.  I can never thank You enough.

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RCUBEs said...

Amen to your prayer.

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