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Sunday, November 17, 2013

An email that surprised me

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I'm written before about the hardships I endured when I worked as an H.S.A. for 2 years at an Immigration Detainment center.  It ended badly and they acted like I'd done wrong - but I didn't do the things that they said I did.  It makes me sad when I think about it.

I pray and ask God to help me learn whatever I was supposed to learn and then focus on my life today.

None the less, I was blessed by receiving an email from the man who'd been warden for a bit over half of the time I'd worked at that job.  He'd left due to medical reasons.  Imagine how my heart felt when I read these words this morning:

"Tracy, I am cleaning up my contact list, but felt compelled to send you a note. I feel very bad about your experience at Adelanto. You are a wonderful person who was tasked with an impossible job. I appreciate the countless hours and effort you put into your work. You are an outstanding person and I appreciate you.  Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday. Thanks again, and don't let people who are serving their own selfish interests define who you are"


Mike said...

It is nice that he complimented you before his leave. Was he feeling guilty?

RCUBEs said...

Working in correctional environment like you did, I could understand whatever happened with you. Such a sad thing to know that the problem is always the people we work with. .. people who choose to see evil things than good. It's like a "clique"... that if one doesn't agree with what the rest does. .. that person is bad. Being away from others and perhaps the realization of frailty with his health he probably remembered the more important things he could have done and the better choices he should have opted for.

Tracy said...

Just to clarify - this warden was there for a bit more than the first year I worked there. He was always supportive of me. The health services department was somewhat it's own thing and I had a regional boss with that who this warden said more than once was a scum (to which I always remained silent).

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