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Monday, December 23, 2013

The Exchange

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Today we're having a gift exchange at my work.  There's a luncheon party during which the gift exchange will take place.  Of course we all wanted to give everyone gifts, but none of us have that much money, so we settle for each drawing a name and buying a gift for that person.  The season is filled with various exchanges of gifts.

Perhaps that is why these words of Futon J. Sheen captivated me when I read them this morning:

"Sanctity is not giving up the world. It is exchanging the world. It is a continuation of that sublime transaction of the incarnation in which Christ said to man: "You give me your humanity and I give you my divinity. You give me your time, I will give you my eternity.  You give me your bonds, I will give you my omnipotence.  You give me your slavery, I give you my freedom. You give me your death, I give you my life. You give me your nothingness, I give you my all."

Wonderful scriptures such as Titus 2:11-14, 2 Corinthians 3:17-18 and Romans 12:1-3 describe this exchange process.  My experience has been that it really is a process, not a one time thing. As I read Sheen's words, and meditate on these scriptures, it's more than I can understand.  God is so good and I am so grateful.

Oh Father, may I choose today to be mindful of You throughout the day.  May I constantly choose to exchange my ways for yours.  Help me understand how to embrace what you've done for me.  Help me be your person in my life, extending your love, comfort and assistance to those around me.

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