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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Singing praises - Advent day 17

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Advent is about Jesus.  John the Baptist was the one who prepared the way for Jesus’ earthly ministry.  Luke 1:5-25 is the account of how God told John the Baptist’s parents about him before he was born.  John the Baptist’s mother was named Elizabeth. What strikes me as I’m thinking about this passage this advent season is how Elizabeth felt.   In the end of verse 25 of this passage she says:

“In these days he has shown his favor and taken away my disgrace among the people.”

Prior to this blessing from God, Elizabeth was barren and felt disgraced.  This has got me to  thinking about the times when I’ve felt that my life was barren.

Elizabeth was barren in a physical sense because she was without child.  I've been barren at times in my life in a spiritual sense. "Barren" means "to be rooted, sterile, dry, bereaved".  When a person is spiritually and emotionally barren she is sorrowful, depressed, cast down. She can also be distracted and have an ungrateful spirit.  This kind of state of being robs one of the spiritual liberty and joy which Jesus came to provide for His people.  A barren Christian is one who is in a rut, who is rooted in the wrong place.

Isaiah 54:1-6 is an incredible scripture in light of the fact that I can fall into a rut and become rooted in a spiritual barren place.  It beautifully describes God's redemption and provision.  It describes how God will do more for us than we ever imagined.  This passage also directs Israel, or me today as His follower, to sing praises to God.

This morning I got up extra early.  I wanted to make time for singing praises to God. I'm not really much of a morning person but after spending time in singing praises to God I found my spirit lifted and my heart changed to one of gratitude.

Oh Father, You're so worthy of praise.  May my attitude be one of appreciation for all you've done for me.  May words of thankfulness constantly be on my lips today.

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