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Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th Thoughts

I once heard it said that as Americans, every time we hear the song God Bless America we should change it up to think about it this way: "God bless America through me".

Sometimes it's easy for me to get caught up in attitudes that are like two sides of the same bad coin. On the one side I can be so critical of those who are in power in our nation, or the sliding condition of morality and values. On the other side I can think that loyalty to my country is about proving that we're bigger and better. Both are unhealthy.

I believe that God calls every person to be a loyal citizen to where ever they live. It seems fitting, as an American, to spend some time thinking and praying today for guidance. To ask God to show me a need in our country, and how He wants to use me to help fill.


RCUBEs said...

How awesome it would be if most of the people or even all of the people will humble themselves and look up to God...

God bless.

Being Me said...

What an interesting perspective.

jenny said...

truth is, with all the negative things that has happened in your country, I'm still envious! Maybe because i'm in a third world country...hehehe :P

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