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Sunday, July 17, 2011

What are your convictions?

Last Sunday the pastor spoke about convictions and since then I've been mulling over that sermon in the back of my mind. I'm always curious about that subject, and interested in hearing what different people see to be their convictions.

It was suggested last week, and then again this week, that we actually take the time to write out our convictions. So I decided to take some time and write out my convictions, linked to why these are important to me.

So I want to share my convictions and then I'd like to hear yours.

The over arching principle, or conviction, in my life is that I want my life to be about Loving God and Loving People. I'm convinced that, for myself, there are some ways that can happen and I'm committed to the following convictions of seeing that love for God and love for people lived out:

Love for God
  1. I'm committed to daily spending time in His presence. Praising and worshiping Him, Reading His Word and thinking about it throughout my day, Praying, and listening for His Voice.
  2. I'm committed to a life of gratitude. God has done so much for me, and I want to live my life in thankfulness and enjoying all the good gifts He's constantly giving me.
  3. My life is not my own any more, I chose to live it following after God. There's a few ways that impacts daily life: A.Money and stuff is not the goal so I'm very careful with my money so that I can use it as I feel God wants me to. I don't want to be in debt so that I'm all tied up. B.I want to keep myself available body, mind and spirit to God. Because of this I need to take care of my body (practical things like sleep, exercise, nutrition). C.I want to keep myself available body, mind, and spirit to God. Because of this I am committed to keeping myself free from things that will pull me away from my major focus (this could be TV, music that promotes lifestyles and attitudes that I don't believe are the ones God wants for me, or even some movies or books). This is a difficult one because it's so specific and it means that I just need to pray about things and evaluate them in light of this commitment. I do not always have to read, watch and listen to things that I agree with. Contrary ideas and thoughts can be helpful and growth producing.

Love for People
  1. Because I love the husband with whom God has blessed me I protect this relationship and refrain from contacts and relationships that could impede this relationship. For me that means I never go out alone with another man. I don't look at things that involve looking at what could be considered "sexy" men's bodies (in clubs, magazines, movies, etc.). I am committed to never allowing my mind to wander to what it might be like to be in a relationship with anyone other than my husband.
  2. Because I love my sons with whom God has blessed me I consider how any decisions I make in life will affect them, and make decisions accordingly. I choose to invest time into doing things with them. I make praying for them regularly a priority (2Xs a week are set aside for just that purpose).
  3. I don't want anyone to die without God. So I've spent time praying and thinking about how to share the gospel; I try to live my life open each day to opportunities to share as situations arise.
  4. I choose to live simply and without debt so that I am free to give money to others as God leads.
  5. I want to be open to helping the people God's put into my life - however that may look. Be it being helpful to a co-worker even if it means taking on more work, or listening to someone who I get the feeling needs to unload, or making food for someone, or being friendly to someone in a social situation who seems left out. These are not things I can know in advance, it's about having an open attitude and trying to look for ways to extend love. (This is the opposite of getting caught up in my own agenda and living with blinders on)
  6. I'm committed to humility. To not thinking I'm better than anyone, to listening to what others have to say, to not having to always have my own way. Another part of humility is being honest; not needing to make things better or worse than they are, just being true.
So what about you, what are some of your major life convictions? What made these important to you? How have these convictions impacted your life?


Mike said...

I've been persuaded that I need to spend more time with God in prayer and study...

I've been convinced my sin -- especially my lust -- is ugly and that I need to lean on God's Spirit to lead me day-by-day through my temptations...

I've been convicted that my sin is much, I am small, and God is magnificent!

Tony C said...

My list is very, very similar to your list...minus the husband thing of course.

Love this post Tracy. Great reflection time.

Being Me said...

I'm committed to protecting my kids and directing us to a happier peaceful life.
In that commitment, God is stronger and ever more present in my life. Because of it and for it, I become stronger too.

God's plan is marvelous.

jenny said...

My listing is almost the same as yours. Although I have added that I want to influence my father to stop smoking and drinking :)

Tracy said...

Mike-Adore your statement "my sin is much, I am small, God is magnificent". After I wrote these convictions I was hoping I didn't come across as being one of those Christians who thinks I have it all together - I know that I don't. It is only by God's goodness and grace that I'm even in relationship with Him and I fail OFTEN. I desperately need His grace (and may I always extend that grace to others).

Tony-You're so funny! I actually thought of you when I wrote that loving God and loving people are the over arching principles that underlie my convictions. I see that evidenced in the bit I know of your life.

Being Me-Your comment makes me happy. I have had just a glimpse into all you've been through; and rejoice to read that you write that "God's plan is marvelous".

Jenny-You're a good daughter. BTW-Anything new on the job front?

jenny said...

Aww, thanks. :)
I'm now working for my dad. I'm his book keeper. It's not that hard but I'm not sure if this is the right job for me..but I'm still grateful. :)

Marty Cooper said...
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