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Monday, September 7, 2009

A new goal

In case you don't know yet, I have the defects of character of being negative, critical and a complainer. I assure you that my husband and sons are aware of this fact.

I'm so grateful that God loves me as I am.

Because of His great love for me, I desire to live a better way. So I've been seeking to complain less and practice gratitude daily. But today I decided to make it my goal to never complain at all. I was struck anew by Philippians 2:14 (NIV) today:

Do everything without complaining or arguing

It was not guilt that hit me as I read this scripture today. It was hope that hit me - I can, by the power of God at work in me, have a better life.

What's a new goal in your life?


Maria said...

Hope is a very powerful emotion.

"you can do all things through Christ who strengthens thee."

Tracy said...

Aren't we so blessed Maria?!

Alice Audrey said...

Getting rid of negative attitude is always a good idea. How's it going?

Inge' said...

I often find myself wanting to blame others for my bad attitude. What I have come to realize through God's grace it that it is my choice to have the attitude that I have.

I can blame others, but ultimately, I chose to whine,complain, pout and on and on. Once I realized that, it made it much easier for me to decide how I wanted to react to situations. I am learning that a lot things I get all bent out of shape over, just aren't worth the effort it takes.

The bonus is that my relationships with others has improved.

Hope is a wonderful gift and I am glad that you have discovered it through the Word of God.

Nessa said...

Hi Tracy!

Thanks for dropping by my place :)

Oh, I have loads of character defects myself. Temperamental being the main defect. It's an ongoing process... trying to make myself better. One can never be perfect but I'm blessed to have such loving family. And God too!

Have a great day :)

Tracy said...

Nessa, I'm with you - I'm so grateful that God loves me just as I am! I'm also grateful to have such an awesome family.

You're so right Inge', we really do get to choose how we'll be.

It's going great Alice. It's actually kind of fun; something will happen and I'll be tempted to complain and then realize that I need to come up with a creative alternative.

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