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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Enjoying the little things

Several years ago, when I was going through a separation and then divorce, I was SO SAD. My then-husband had dumped me right after my 40th B-day for a 29 yr old get the picture. But I knew that God was still God and wanted to bless my life. So, to combat the sadness, I started to begin every day with consciously thanking God for all the good things in my life; nothing was too small to be appreciated.

I learned some valuable lessons during those years.

I still rejoice in the small stuff.

Like the other day when my 16 yr old son needed money and came to me and asked if he could do some work to earn the money - yeah! I had two tasks I knew needed to get done but which I was not looking forward to completing so I passed them on to him with gladness. He did the work so he could earn money to go to out with friends. I'm grateful to have a 16yr old son who is willing to work for what he wants (at least some of the time!)

What are some of the little things you've got to be grateful for recently?


mandip said...

i do appreciate ur article. keep mit up.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

I'm thankful for the cool weather we're having, the laughter of my kids that rolls through the house, and beans and cornbread for lunch.

Somehow, these little blessings really do get lost in the "big things" of life, but how much better off we are when we focus our attention on the goodness of God rather than the ugliness of human nature.

Great post!

Alice Audrey said...

I started my son early on the earning front. I gave him a pittance of an allowance ($1 a week)but no chores. Anything he wants beyond that he has to earn. Now he comes to me and demands work. *shaking head ruefully.*

I am Harriet said...

Wonderful post. I always believe in the opening door when one closes on you.

I'm stopping by to thank you for signing up for the September Comment Challenge.
Happy Commenting!

Tracy said...

Thanks Chel; I can tell we're on the same wavelength concerning appreciating the small stuff.

Sounds like you've done a terrific job with your son Alice. In an age when too many people seem to want something for nothing, you've raised a worker.

You're so right Harriet - when one door closes another does open. I'm so grateful to God for all the doors He has opened for me.

The Redhead Riter said...

I too appreciate the little things every day. I silently thank God all the time. Enjoyed your posting.

"BUTTERY"fly said...

Waking up each morning is enough to be thankful....

You are lucky to have a son like him...

btw, thanks for the comment, it was greatly appreciated.

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