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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A welcome interruption

I'm actually starting to look forward to that time when I first get home from work and ride the exercise bike.  This is not a spectacular or glamorous exercise bike, this is a $5 garage sale bike.  Such is my approach to life.

I'm on call 24/7 so I felt a bit displeased as I was peddling along and heard the thunk of a text.  Quickly glancing down while still peddling I saw that it was my son Daniel.  Since it wasn't work, I finished out the next ten minutes before reading it.

I could read the excitement in his words so I called him.  He was excited because God had used him!

Recently I'd mentioned how he's started leading a Bible study with his team mates at school. Since the 9 team mates said they wanted to come, it  hasn't really appeared to pan out.  The first week 3 people showed up.  The second meeting only one.  He'd questioned if he'd heard wrong - if he was supposed to start it after all.  I'd encouraged him that this occurrence is not unusual and that he just needs to make sure he's obedient and leave the results to God.

Today 7 people showed up.  One of the 7 was a girl  from his team who only came along because some other friends had came.  When they were examining a verse about grace she voiced how this was not at all how she understood Christianity.  She'd previously been involved with a very active "Christian" group on his campus that teaches grace + works = salvation.  They continued to  look at what the Bible says about the free gift of faith and salvation and discuss the topic.  Another girl in the group started talking about how she's always felt like she really couldn't be a Christian because she just can't get her stuff together; she was intrigued by this discussion. No one made any decision today, but they were looking at the Bible, faith, and God in a different way and asking relevant questions.

Later in the day Daniel bumped into the girl who had just happened along to the study today.  Daniel told me that he sensed that she wanted to talk but was hesitant so he stepped out in faith and went and talked with her.  She began to open up to him and share her burdened heart.  She was overwhelmed by the burden of this false teaching of all the things she had to do to be right with God that this group has been teaching her.  As Daniel shared more with her he could see that she wanted to believe but was not quite there yet.

But he was euphoric.  I know that feeling.  It doesn't matter how small it may seem to others.  To get to be used by the God of the universe to help others = total rush!

I'm smiling away as I'm typing because I'm so grateful to see my 19-year old son seeking God and being used by Him.  Tonight I'm praying for these team mates of Daniel's.  I continue to pray for Daniel.

I'm looking forward to seeing God use Daniel in future days.


RCUBEs said...

That's awesome sister Tracy! May your Daniel be like the Daniel from the Bible where he was never brainwashed with other religious ways except just be guided by the Lord's wisdom in everything. I wonder how many more are professing they are Christians but in reality do not understand what following Jesus truly mean? May the Lord bless your son to be His instrument in reaching out to many more...May he be strengthened by the Lord always to face the "lions of doubts and accusations that will come his way..."

Tracy said...

Since you have a son Rcubes I know that you recognize how it feels to be grateful for what God's doing in your son.

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