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Friday, June 17, 2011

Vent, Grumble, and Ramble

So I'm here ranting about interviewing again today. As mentioned previously, writing helps me process my thoughts and feelings.

In a prior post I talked about the first two interviews for this job. Since then I had an approximately 20 minute phone interview with the boss of the lady who would be my boss; his name is Kevin and her's is Sheila. Kevin scheduled me for another interview in person with himself, Sheila, their corporate HR person, and the DON at the facility where I would be working should I get the job. Near the end of that interview this past Wednesday, Kevin mentioned that he may ask me to come down to their corporate offices in downtown LA on Friday. After 5PM yesterday (Thursday) Sheila called me and left a message about going to LA on Friday; when I called her back she sounded in a hurry but she did tell me the address in LA and that I'd be meeting with the CEO, Mr. F.

My experience in LA today has left a bad taste in my mouth.

It all started out fine, I made the long trek into downtown LA, found parking, and made it into the company's building. But then when I told the receptionist that I was there for an 11:30 apt with Mr. F., he said there were 3 Mr. F.s (why didn't Sheila mention which one?) The receptionist proved competent and called around and found out who I should meet with, but told me that they were in with another applicant and could I please wait. I waited close to 20 minutes. Then the receptionist got a call to send me down and I walked to the next floor down, located the suite, and was met by a young woman who led me into an office. To my surprise Kevin was sitting at the desk in the office, but then I noticed another man who was standing to the side and wearing a yamaka. Apparently he'd politely stood up when I entered the office; Kevin introduced him as Mr. F.

We all sat down and then Kevin began to ask me the same questions that he and I had already discussed. Since I assumed he was asking these questions for Mr. F. I mostly directed my responses to him. I made lots of eye contact and, although the man did not seem the type to ever be rude, he also did NOT engage with me. He looked totally uninterested. He honestly did not strike me as actively disliking me, just as not wanting to be there. After perhaps 15 minutes, when I looked at Kevin because he was speaking, Mr. F. stood up, politely told me that he had a meeting he needed to be at, and left. I was flabbergasted; I came at 11:30AM as scheduled, Mr. F. had been told where I lived (about a 2 hour drive away) and that I had come expressly to meet with him, and then got up and left during the meeting.

As soon as the door closed behind Mr. F. Kevin told me that now he could stop asking these questions, since he already knew the answers himself. I asked where Kevin and this Mr. F. fit into the company set up. Kevin explained that the company was family owned and run by three Mr. F.s; the 86 yr old father who was the CEO, and then the son I'd met who ran the 33 SNF and sub-acute facilities, and his brother who ran the assisted living and hospice facilities. Kevin said there were also two brother-in-laws employed in the business. (I was guessing that these were the 4 other men I'd observed as I waited who were wearing yamakas.) Kevin went on to say that the orignal plan was that, since they always had this meeting every Friday (apparently the one our Mr. F. had so abruptly rushed off to), each of the two final canidates for this position were to have gone to that meeting to meet with the 3 Mr. F.s and himself. But that the 86 year old Mr. F. didn't seem so well today, and was falling asleep during the meeting, so they changed the plan to Kevin and our Mr F. doing the interviewing in Kevin's office.

Kevin couldn't help but see how wrong this was of Mr. F. to have left as he did and so he told me that you know it was Friday, Sabbath would be starting soon (my understanding was that it didn't start until 6PM, but I kept quiet), Mr. F. was probably tired, and they always left early on Fridays so he most likely just wanted to get to that meeting and finish it and go home. He also commented on how people asked him why he'd work for a family run business instead of running his own but that he really did run the operations. Then, perhaps because he was feeling bad for me, or maybe because he just has inappropriate boundaries, Kevin told me that it was down to myself and another candidate and that the Mr. F. I'd just met always gets the last say. Especially since he wanted me for the job and Sheila wanted the other candidate. He went on to explain that typically Mr. F. would go with whatever he says but that it's up to him and he could surprise Kevin.

The whole series of events had me off balance. I felt uncomfortable with this revelation as well; I mean, if I got the job, Sheila would be my boss and how would I feel knowing I was not her favorite candidate. Also, even though I felt like Kevin and I clicked and he'd said some really nice things to me during our phone interview, I was thinking that his primary reasons for wanting me were that this facility is not too far from my home and he noticed that I worked for 10 years for my last company (in a field where lots of administrators stay 18 months at each job). So I think he correctly judged me to be a stable person in a world of flakes. Then there's the rude way Mr. F. just walked out on me; did I judge wrong and he really didn't like me, was he concerned over his father, is he a drone? I mean, what's going on?

Anyway, is it just me or does this situation with how Mr. F. walked out on me, and Kevin told me about he and Sheila's disagreement over myself, seem like a crummy way to do business? Am I being overly sensitive, or am I justified in feeling disgruntled? Should I even want to work for them after that? Granted, even if I get offered the job and take it, I'll most likely never see the Mr. F.s again. I'll probably only see Kevin once a month at a regional meeting and Sheila twice a month at most. That's part of why I understand them wanting so many interviews in different settings; because if they hire me I'll be on my own running their business for them in that location. What do you think?


JPaula said...

Wow-this looks very interesting. Personally, I think you're jumping through way too many hoops for this job-that last interview was almost covert, but I'm not familiar with the nature of this business so who knows if that's standard or what. It's also a little freaky that Kevin mentions that you were not the "boss's" first choice. My impulse would be to ask her about it in some nonchalant type of way. What do you got to lose? Well, if it's meant to be...

Mike said...

I once interviewed for a position within the State Police here in Michigan, and it was before a panel of 3 lieutenants.

During the interview (and I was the first one after lunch), one lieutenant slouched in his chair, leaned back, and folded his hands behind his head; another was fiddling with the phone on his desk, and the third looked like she could have cared less!

I finished the interview thinking to myself, "Well, that was a complete waste of my time...and if I had a hair on my rear end I would have asked them if I was keeping them from something."

I obviously didn't get the position, but I was ok with that. I retold the story to other troopers and they unanimously agreed that I would not have liked to work with 2 of the 3 people who were interviewing me. I chalked it up to gaining a little more interviewing experience and moved on.

I certainly hope your process is better...your comment about the one man being less than engaging brought back that funny moment to my mind!

RCUBEs said...

Can't imagine what you had gone through knowing that even the traffic in LA could be bad! What more to wait again when you got to that office?

I didn't know you're looking for another job but I am praying for you as I was reading for the Lord to guide you and give you His gift of discernment.

It is interesting though why K would tell you that you were not S's favorites...Not sure if he was testing your patience and your ability to persist?

Take care sister Tracy and may the Lord bring the best opportunity in front of you. God bless.

Tracy said...

JPaula - Since they don't know me from anywhere & no one is passing along my name, it kind of makes sense to put me through several interviews (I mean, they are going to be leaving me alone to run their business for them). I don't mind that; it's just the man I'd driven 2hrs and then waited 20 min. to see walking out during the meeting, and Kevin telling me that he wanted me and Sheila wanted the other candidate that bothers me. Perhaps Kevin is just an insensitive, all about business kind of guy; if they offer it to me, and I take it, I'll only see him once a month at most.

Mike - Can definitely see why my experience reminded you of that interview of yours; it's that same kind of blatant not-care-about-you kind of thing!

Rcubes - Thanks for the prayers. I'm so grateful for my brothers and sisters in the Lord and covet their prayers for me.

David-FireAndGrace said...

I am not saying the Mr. F was correct in his behavior, but sometimes guys that have done a lot of managing size people up pretty quickly.

I'd be more worried about the two bosses that can't agree on what candidate to hire. That's not knowledge you should have, and the fact that you do makes it all the more widgy!

God only has one will. Keep praying, and keep seeking the Kingdom, the rest will fall into place.

JD Curtis said...

Don't read too much into his behaviour. Corporate haigher ups are often times flakes.

And don't dwell on it too much. Pray about it, but in the end, whatever happens, happens.

jenny said...

Don't worry too much miss tracy. Maybe Mr. F was just in a rush. There's a lot of possibilities why he did that. Maybe it's nothing personal. As for Sheila, well, if you get the job, just prove to her that you are deserving for that job. She will accept you in the long run :)

Kevin did say that you're not their first choice. It's not really thing. It just means that they are considering you as well. They have high hopes for the first applicant but they see something in you worth considering. And it's probably a warning to keep you alert as to what that Sheila will be expecting from you :)

You'll be okay :) God bless :D

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