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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Values driven leadership

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My first class toward my MA in Health Administration  is on Leadership.

I actually look forward to the times when I'm engaged in the course, reading & writing assignments, and the course project.  It's thought provoking.  The professor is encouraging and inspirational.  I've been blessed to do well on the first 3 of 4 units.   The premise for the course is  leadership that is driven by the leader's values. 

I've decided to spend some time choosing my core values.  Then I want to spend time in subsequent posts thinking on each of them from a Biblical perspective. 

The most difficult thing for me is  narrowing down the list.   Some of the companies I've worked for in the past have had core values and mission statements.  These companies never had more than 4 core values.  I couldn't get my list down to less than 9.  These are the value that I want to make sure underlie my decision making and impact how I lead:

Surrendering my entire life to God and letting Him be in the driver's seat.

Letting my words be few and ensuring that everything I say is true.

Making sure that my words and actions match.

Consistently choosing to extend compassion and forgiveness.

Keeping my hands wide open and having a lifestyle of giving.

Doing what needs to be done to help others.

Considering myself who God says I am; no more or less.

Working to accomplish what needs to be done.

Keeping in sight what God wants me to do.

What about you, what are your core values?


John Cowart said...

He hath showed thee, O man, what is good and what doeth the Lord require of thee but to do justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with thy God.... Micah 6:8

Or, if that's too long, I like the phrase attributed to St. Augustine: Love God and do as you please.


Tracy said...

John-Like the quote from Micah a lot. In those few words is the recipe for a life well lived.

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