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Saturday, January 5, 2013

A college student - Again

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I'm 52 years old.  Many people see that as middle aged and time to be settled; but I don't feel old, I just feel like me.

I've been considering going back to school for the past few years.  I'd been concerned if all the time and money I'd end up spending to get by masters, would come back to me in terms of job position and earnings. Then, toward the end of last year I'd heard  a preacher speaking about being a person of excellence in everything you do.  He'd mentioned that in this job market you have to be learning new skills and growing every day.  I can say that I've learned all kinds of new skills over the past year and a half I've been at this job, but I just felt impressed to go for my masters.

So I applied to a  college that has both a residential and an online option to obtain my MA in Health Administration.  My husband is supportive but, if he were to be totally candid, thinks it's silly and too ambitious at my age.  But the more I've looked into it, the more I want to increase my skills.  I want to do more; not for the sake of money, power, or prestige, but to be better able to make a difference.

My main mission, or heart's yearning, has always been to extend God's mercy and grace to people who are hurting.  Every job I've had in the last 3 decades has been about that for me.  So it's not by mistake that the school I've picked to apply to was founded in 1912 by the Sisters of Mercy

Although I've constantly learned through the jobs I've held, and pursued some certifications through the years that have required me study to pass state and federal exams, I have not been in a formal college setting since 1983; that's 30 years!  Going back to school will definitely be an opportunity to daily come to my stronghold.


J Paula Welty Reed said...

Tracy! This is so cool! I am so excited for you! You know the feeling of accomplishment and this adventure will only enhance that! Do it!

RCUBEs said...

I always tell my son, never pass an opportunity to do something you want to do (as long as it's the right thing) than regret later to just let that opportunity pass by without even trying.

God bless and guide you sister Tracy. It's never too late. With healthcare constantly changing and demanding higher skills you will do well even better knowing and feeling in your heart that God is the One directing your steps to do so. May His discernment always be revealed to you. What a great start for this new season!

Tracy said...

Gee it's a surprise to see you here Paula, but thanks for your excitement for me. I haven't received an acceptance yet, but think that I will.

Rcubes, I think you're right about not passing up opportunities.

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