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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Does He really mean ALL things?

This week over Kingdom Bloggers we're talking how God uses ALL things, our own sin included, to work together for our good.

What about you, how have you seen God use even your sin to ultimately bring good into your life?


Mike said...

While much to loooonnnnng to detail here, I can say that God has used even my most sinful state to bring me to a point of repentance and change in behavior towards those who struggle with sin. He has taught me about (not) being judgmental of others and their struggles, but to be a more harsh critic of my own thoughts, words, and actions.

It's alwyas easiest to point out others' flaws and miss our own.

srcoyne952 said...

I believe that God used my past failures and sins as steps to getting closer to Him through repentance and forgiveness first and then a renewal of the mind and spirit. Each day , He is faithful to lead me to the way I should go and to be person He want me to be.

I-Love-Hate-America.Com said...

Srcoyne952 is me ----bingkaycoy of I Love-hate America. I accidentally click Publish without realizing that the Google account was in my husband's account because I'm using his PC.

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