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Monday, March 21, 2011

Can you be uncompromising AND loving?

Seems like I've always struggled as I try to figure out the how of loving people, but not compromising concerning sin. This morning as I read 1 I Kings 18 I thought about this again.

During this time in Israel's history, the climate was to be "open minded". The king's wife set up worship places for both Baal and Asherah. As I seek to read between the lines in I Kings 15-18, it seems like the people are trying to make life work. I Kings 18:21 records that the people were silent when Elijah challenged them about who they believed in. It was as if they were trying to assume the mediocre stance of non commitment. While it could be easy to say how wrong they were; I can also see how easy it would be to fall into that, to just want to get along.

Sometimes I struggle with the same thing. When the media, people with whom I work, everywhere around me, is pointing out how intolerant and unloving Christians are. When these same sources are indicating that things that God clearly says are sin the Bible are just "choices" and that everyone is entitled to their own choices. In this climate I struggle. I struggle to find ways to show my love for people without compromising my own knowledge and beliefs about what is right and wrong.

I try to do this by not getting caught up in debates with unbelievers about moral issues; since they do not see the Bible as truth any way. At the same time, I do not change my own beliefs and if push comes to shove I will state my own thoughts (but I've found that frequently people are much more interested in sharing their own thoughts than listening to mine). I try to let God give me His love for people and look for opportunities to reach out to the people around me. Life is tough and people hurt; I try to notice what's going on with people and offer support and encouragement in both words and thoughtful actions. that enough?

What about you, do you struggle with being loving and not compromising the truth? What are some things that you've found helpful?


RCUBEs said...

I know what you mean, being surrounded by things of this world that otherwise is not pleasing to God. Sometimes, I just get quiet when it's too bad at work, like gossiping. Sometimes, I defend for someone who's not there knowing that what they say is not true about that person. It is tough but by His grace and only by His grace we are able to not go with the flow! Have a great Tuesday sister!

Francis R. Barbour said...

What compromise? Speaking "The Truth" to others is Love! Would you: Lie To, Deceive, or Manipulate - the ones you love? Or, can you remain silent, when it will bring harm to those whom you love?

If that's your version of love, then, that seems quite sad - to me... because, it leaves you powerless to: speak, help, or act fruitfully! It leaves one merely: "Having a form of faith, but fully denying the power thereof...." What a pity.

That is [precisely] why Yahweh says: "Come Out Of Babylon, My People, Lest you share in her sins; and lest you share in her plagues." Make no mistake, Babylon is already fully fallen! Laodicea has already been vomited out of the mouth of Yahweh - as it was written that it would one day be... and her destruction is quite imminent from a true and historical perspective.

It says, "Flee From Her" - for a reason.

John Cowart said...

Hi Tracy,

The best argument for Christianity is a christian live lived as an example. As a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so He opened not His mouth.

I have a magic formula to use for when discussions at work involve gossip or attacks on morals or political diatribes--all I say is, "I'm going to the bathroom" and leave. Nobody can fault that.

The Lord is a Big Boy. He needs no defense. Certainly not mine.

Yet, even with my silence or absence in "religious discussions" you'd be surprised at how many belligerent people seek me out in private to unburden themselves about personal problems.

Jesus said, "My kingdom is not of this world". We make a gross mistake when we argue that it is.


David-FireAndGrace said...

I am of the mind that if we would do the great commission, all of it with healing, casting out demons and the like, we'd have a lot less debating to do.

Other than that, we live a simple life, and try to meet others needs.

Good word.

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