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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sometimes even my dog is smarter than me

Our dog's name is Jake. We got him from the pound about 4ys ago, when he was close to 5 months old. He's a black, mostly lab with some pit thrown in, dog. He's a real sweet heart who adds a lot of love and joy to our family.

I've often noticed that it doesn't matter where he is, he always finds it exciting when I call to him to come with me to some new location. Even when I'm just getting him to leave the house and go into the back yard. He perks up and seems all excited about the new things to come. He always assumes some new, good, thing or experience is coming his way.

I was thinking about this today and wondering why. I think it's because he just loves and trusts me so much, he's happy and secure knowing I'll only ever do him good.

I'm a good pet owner, but certainly not a perfect one. Yet God is perfect. But I don't always show positive enthusiasm for changes that God allows in my life. It's like I say I trust Him, BUT...

What about you, do you react to change with positive expectancy?


Tony C said...

I've found the older I get the less positive I am about change. Not yet negative, mind you, but still not enthusiastic at taking on a new challenge as I once was either.

Excellent analogy too. I might have to borrow that one from you for my Sunday School class...with due credit of course!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Trust Me like your dog trusts you!

Now there's a saying for you to Copyright quick Tracy. I so agree with your post today.

God bless.

David-FireAndGrace said...

I'm addicted to change - well, as long as I can control it.

Changes often present new challenges - and sometimes I enjoy a challenge. There always seems ot be something going my way, and something that is not. Like a subway train, I need the third-rail (God) to power me along when one side of the track seems so awesome, and another seems disheartening.

In the end, all three are pointing in the same direction.

I suppose it is the story of who has the greater cross to bear. When it really is much more about who's got faith to handle today.

Great post, Tracy!

bingkee said...

Wonderful post. God expects His children to trust Him because no matter where he takes us or whatever things that He unfolds us, they will always come out great. The road may be rough and tough, but the destination is so pleasant.

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