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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Praying Through

Over at Kingdom Bloggers this week we've been sharing something each of us is in the midst of praying through concerning.

I'd be interested to know, weather you'd like to share here or over there, what are you praying for? How long have you been praying about this? What's your experience been ?


Inge' said...

My list is so long! How about the top 3: 1. My husband to be saved. I have been praying for him since we were married (1991). 2. Our finances. 3. My character. I desire to be "a friend of God".

This is not necessarily the order in which I pray for these things. I must confess that I don't pray every time I pray for all of these things. Some times my prayers are taken up with just one thing or person.

While my husband is not saved as of yet, I do have faith that he will be. Our finances are improving and so is my character.

Being Me said...

I have been praying for peace, for so so long.
Soon's about to be answered.
Thank you for stopping by.


Tracy said...

Oh I'll definitely join with you in praying for these things. I prayed just now before writing this.

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