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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to Dylan

Today is my middle son's 18th Birthday.

These last couple of years we've experienced some pretty intense tension between us. I think part of that has been due to the very fact that he is becoming a man and becoming his own person.

As I contemplate his step into official "adulthood" today I find myself thinking back to the child he once was, the vision God spoke to my heart about Dylan's destiny, and my gratitude for the person who is Dylan.

There are a few images that will always remain vivid for me regarding Dylan as a boy. When he was 3 & 4 yrs old and the puzzle king; he always wanted to do new and more difficult puzzles. The time after his father had taken him to the circus when he was about 7 yrs old and he was fully delighted with clowns; he wore that top part of a clown head around the house for days giggling as he thought back to the silly clowns. The time he came home from a camp where he spent a week with a counselor and other boys in a tepee; he got off the bus wearing the exact same clothes that he had worn when he left (and I later found all the clean clothes still in his suitcase), a fake coon skin cap on his head, and a huge grin on his face. When he was in 5th grade and liked some girl at school so he bought her an imitation rose at the corner 7-11 store and took it to her at school; I don't think she received it so well since I never heard another thing about it.

Several years ago God gave me a Word about Dylan's destiny and I wrote it out on paper and framed it and put it on his wall. The gist in what God showed me at that time was that God created Dylan to be someone who would make friends easily, and that God would use that to cause Dylan to have a wide sphere of influence. That God would use Dylan to impact the people around him, to lead many people into relationship with God through Christ. Also that God would develop Dylan to be a true and faithful friend.

I'm grateful that Dylan is my son. Grateful for his big heart and unashamed ability to shower affection on those around him. Grateful that he is a person who is moved with compassion for the needs of others. Grateful that he knows how to work hard when he chooses. Grateful that he wants to do something with his life and recognizes that money is not everything.

So here's to Dylan on the big 18.


~*Michelle*~ said...

OK, so this is so awesome.....

Your Dylan sounds exactly like my Gunner. (who turns 19 next month). The way you describe his personality...even how your relationship has incurred some tension over the past couple of years.

Sometimes I feel that it must be really uncomfortable for them in these limbo land years of stretching out of their comfort zone of being a kid.....and being pulled into the responsible new life of being an adult.

*message to Dylan:

Happy birthday! have a great mama! :)

RCUBEs said...

Happy Birthday to your son and praying that the Lord will guide you and give you discernment as you enter an important chapter in your life! As an adult!

Sometimes, we worry too much as parents, when they don't listen to some of the things we say...but...I think we, in turn learn so much from them, as they seek those roads they need to take as they grow up and mature. As parents, we need to completely trust in the Lord Who will be there to guide our children, too.

What a wonderful man Dylan is and I'm glad he's got a great mom! One of the best moms in this world! God bless you sister Tracy. Been busy and sometimes haven't visited you. But never forgetting you in thoughts and prayers.

David-FireAndGrace said...

Wow, that's right, our kids share the same birthday! Mine is only 7, though.

Congratulations to the mom! It’s a lot work getting them that far without putting their lights out. :)

It is wonderful to see God at work in our kids regardless of the bad decisions they seem to make. I often forget that I dedicated them to the Lord, and I think my only real job was feeding them until they could eat for themselves.

Enjoy the celebration!

Inge' said...

I hope that Dylan has a very special birthday today.

It is good to read good thoughts from a mother about her son.

May you both grow closer to the Lord and to each other as the years pass.

Toyin O. said...

Happy Birthday to Dylan.

Tracy said...

Gosh you guys it's so kind of you to give well wishes for Dylan's B-day. I had to work today but he had off school so he enjoyed that; he's having fun in our family room right now playing pool and video games with a few of his close friends. We had pizza, cesar salad and B-day cake for his friends.

May said...

Happy Birthday to your son. May God goodness be with him always.

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