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Saturday, August 7, 2010

What do you know about Elena Kagan ?

Today Elena Kagan was sworn in as the 112th justice of the Supreme Court.

She's replacing John Paul Stevens; Stevens politics tended toward the liberal. She's the fourth woman to be on the court, and just for that, I want to like her. But I hate to admit to the fact that I know very little about her. So today I'm on a fact finding mission and figure I'll share my findings with you:
  • She's 50 years old
  • She's a former Harvard Law School dean-These are some things I found out about her activities whole at Harvard:
  • She encouraged Harvard Law students to get involved in homosexual activist legal work. She considered this public interest law and encouraged students to become involved so they could gain clinical experience. The Harvard Law School established the LGBT Law Clinic during this time.
  • She recruited a former ACLU lawyer William Rubenstein to teach "queer" legal theory. Rubenstein described one of his courses as taking up of "newer identities (bisexualty, trans, gender[f_ _ k])." as well as involving "polygamy, S&M [sadomasochism], the sexuality of minors."
  • She was actively involved in advocacy opposing "Don't ask Don't Tell". She agreed to ban military recruiters from campus.
  • She spearheaded the “Islamic Finance Project,” a program aimed at mainstreaming Sharia-compliant finance in America.
  • She condoned the acceptance of $20 to fund programs on Islam. This money came from Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal; Talal was known for his statements to the fact that the attacks of 9/11 were a result of American foreign policy.
  • She awarded the Harvard Medal of Freedom to Iftikhar Chaudhry, the chief justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Many say Chaudhry is a is a promoter of Sharia.
  • From 1995 to 1999, Kagan served as President Bill Clinton's Associate White House Counsel and Deputy Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy and Deputy Director of theDomestic Policy Council. While in this position she did the following:
  • In a 1996 White House document, Kagan grouped the National Rifle Organization together with the Ku Klux Klan as bad guy organizations.
  • Engaged in several pro-late-term abortion pursuits.
As I read though this list I feel sad. I feel like I see the world quite differently than Elena Kagan; and the ways are things I feel passionately concerning. I'm reminded of a verse in 1 Peter 2:10 - 12 where Peter was talking to those who are following after God and declares that they are strangers and aliens living in this world.

Although there are some who feel that Christians should refrain from politics I've never understood this train of thought. To my mind, politics are very much the business of living. It's recorded in Matthew 5:13-15 that Jesus told His followers that they are to live in this world but are to portray His Kingdom through their lives.

But as I'm here thinking about this there are two questions that come to my mind; do I really oppose Kagan's politics because I'm a Christian, and how can I act like a Christian toward those with whom I disagree. I want to briefly give a few thoughts on those questions and then I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts.

Another way to state my first question is to ask if Christians can be pro late term abortion, pro Sharia law, pro the Gay and Lesbian political agenda, and lump the National Rifle Association (NRA) with the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). Obviously, I am personally extremely conservative in my political views. I am a Christian and I hold these views, however, I suppose another Christian could hold different views than my own. Especially with regard to the Gay and Lesbian agenda; a Christian could state that we should love everyone and let everyone practice their own life style. While I agree with that, I am still concerned about this group's continual efforts to promote their lifestyle in the public education arena. I'd rather the public school arena leave these sorts of issues with the family. I think lumping the NRA in with the KKK is way too extreme to be intelligent, although not distinctively non-Christian. I have a much more difficult time with defending the pro late term abortions and Sharia law from a Christian Perspective.

The second question seems to me to boil down to the issue of respect. I believe I can disagree with someone and still behave respectfully toward them. I'm reminded of how in Philippians 4:4-5 Christ's followers are encouraged to live a lifestyle in which they make it clear to those with whom they come in contact that they are on their side. I do not believe that this is in any way saying that we are to be agreement with everybody; rather, that we are to be pro-people. I see scripture teaching that we are to love, and be helpful toward people, want the best for people, even when we do not agree with them.

What about you, how do you see these issues? Can a Christian be committed to the "liberal agenda"? How can you behave in a Christian manner toward those with whose politics you vehemently disagree?

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RCUBEs said...

Sometimes, I'm just tired about politics because it's all disappointing to me. But God wants His children to be the light and salt in this world. I just pray that godly leaders be installed in all areas. We are called to respect authority even if we don't like the way they run the show. But I pray that those authorities will also learn how to respect the Highest One Who put them in their positions in the first place.

David-FireAndGrace said...

Some interesting thoughts. Here are mine on the subject.

As a Christians, we MUST take each issue on it's biblical merit.

- We should be pro environment. We've been given dominion.
- God was not against capitalism in the time of Jesus, and would not be now. He even suggested that in the same way we invest our gifts and resources in the Kingdom expecting a return.
- God said in Genesis, that human life was so valuable, that anyone that took a life, should lose their own. I do't like it, but we are pro-capital punishment.
- We are to love G&L folks, just as we do with alcoholics, drug addicts and every other sinner.
- I don't like the G&L as a subject in school. But we certainly had married families in our literature from Good Night Moon through Shakespeare. I would withdraw my kids under these circumstances.
- We can't support abortion for any reason. Even thought I would concede the .009% for incest and rape if we could gain some ground on the convenience abortions.
- As a nation, we should not start wars, but we clearly have a biblical right to defend ourselves.
- The national debt is wrong.

Those are the big issues. I have been involved in politics enough to know that there is no party that represents Christians. Both Bush and Obama said there Jesus is just one way to god. They're wrong.

Interestingly, Mitt Romney (a Mormon) best represented Christian values in the last election - even better than Mike Hucakbee.

We spend a lot of time on the government, but we forget that Jesus, Daniel, Moses, Nehemiah and many others lived under anti-God of Abraham rule.

Folks, the End Times are coming, and God is not asleep. We are to discern the seasons, and we are on the precipice of the One-World-Government, cashless society, wars and rumors of wars and all the rest.

Everything that is happening in Washington and all about us is for greed, political gain and the lust for power. Even the most moral men in government, can't put together a sensible immigration policy that is FAIR. They keep spending. They trample states rights in AZ, MS and now CA.

God only has one choice when it comes to a candidate. He doesn't care what we think, He cares if we are obedient.

The real questions are these: Where are with God? What are we teaching our children? Are we preaching a simple and agenda free gospel? Is my church doing the will of God by feeding the poor, caring for the widows, visiting folks in jail, and sacrificing for those in the community?

The community is a refection of the corporate heart and effectiveness of the local church.

No, I don't like Kagen.

David-FireAndGrace said...
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David-FireAndGrace said...
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jenny said...

oh well, politics is sometimes dirty but let's just hope she will do her job well :) Godbless you tracy :)

JD Curtis said...

Interestingly, Mitt Romney (a Mormon) best represented Christian values in the last election - even better than Mike Hucakbee

As the site administrator for "Floridians for Romney" I can back up this statement. You are correct.

I couldnt for the life of me see why people were like "Mormon, Mormon, Mormon" when such idiots as McCain and Huckabee were running for the nomination.

Romney has probably forgotten more about macroeconomics that Huck or McCain could ever possibly hope to learn.

Let us hope that our idiot citizenry does not make this same mistake again.

Being Me said...

Is it that complicated, is it Christian or plain morality that everyone is entitled to live according to how they were made (body or spirit) with their own beliefs and views as long as no one gets hurt.

We teach our own and we pass on our own values and beliefs.
Who decides what's fair ?

As long as we are not imposed upon, the idea seems to be get along, be true to yourself, love your neighbour, accept them.

Don't play judge, God will be judge.

浩子 said...

Poverty is stranger to industry..............................................

May said...

I am not big on politics, but I continue to pray that the lawmakers can put aside differences and deliver to the people what they have promised.

Lauralee said...

Hello just came across your blog. Just thought I'd become a follower. Come check out mine sometime if you'd like. Salutations.

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

Deborah Ann said...

Well, for starters Tracy, I am right with you as far as watching with great trepidation the wickedness in high places that we are witnessing today. And secondly, I am proud of you for choosing to respect others, even when we don't agree with them. This is the love of Jesus! I just read this yesterday "He is kind to the ungrateful and wicked. Be merciful as your Father is merciful." Wow, huh?

I think the thing to remember is that God isn't turning His back on Elena Kagan. He loves her just as much as He does you and me. But it's His great love for those doing wicked things that should bring us to our knees in prayer for them. And for ourselves. Any one of us could fall, at any hour.

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