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Monday, August 23, 2010

Kabul Beauty School

One of my favorite times of the day is after we have dinner in the evenings. I tell everyone to just leave the dinner clean up and I put away only those things that would spoil, then I slip out onto our back deck. There I sit up among the pine trees and read until it becomes too dark to continue. Then I'll go back inside and do the dinner clean up.

I just finished reading the book Kabul Beauty School by Deborah Rodriguez. It's definitely worth reading, especially if you're a woman. The main gist is that Debbie is a cosmetologist who opened a cosmetology school in Kabul, Afghanistan around 2002; this book is her story. I adore the accounts she shares in the book about the lives of the Afghan women she meets.

My heart aches for these women, while at the same time I admire their strength and hope in the face of incredible difficulties. I find myself praying about if there is anything I can do.

It's very difficult for any kind of charities in Afghanistan, especially if they are Christian charities. Even those Christian charities who are not proselytizing but are providing humanitarian aide. If you remember it was just 18 days ago that Karen Woo and her 9 co-workers were killed by Taliban who claim that the victims were spying for the US and trying to convert Muslims to Christianity. Karen Woo was a general surgeon from Britain who gave up a comfortable life in London to promote maternal health care in remote regions. They worked for International Assistance Mission (IAM), which is an openly Christian charity that has operated in Afghanistan for 44 years. During those years IAM has negotiated with the Soviets, the mujahedeen government, and then the Taliban for permission to continue its work assisting people in need of care. IAM has said it will continue its work in Afghanistan.

You can find out more about what IAM does as well as ways to support IAM on IAM's website.


David-FireAndGrace said...

Going to the nations was God's heart before the fall of man. (Gen 1:28 God blessed them and said to them, "Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.)

It has been for many called in the church to go to the nations. We all have a place to go, to support, and to pray, but nations are on God's heart.

Personally I get ticked off when a group spends time and money to go, and someone says something like; "why don't you just spend the money on the poor here." My answer is this, because God said too!

In 2000 I went to a prophetic conference in Florida. There I met a prophetess, and a month or so later she called me with a dream she had. It was a map - a map of all the countries that Lord wanted me to visit. That very day I had been asked to go to Norway, and was asking God to give me and answer. She called with the map, and Norway was on it. I still have a few more to go, but they are for sure on my radar.

JD Curtis said...

One of the few non-Christian charities that I have ever endorsed was the Afghan Girls Fund by the people at National Geographic. It's definately worth it. Link

Uzbekistan News said...

I am a regular visitor to Afghanistan and some of my conclusions about the factual situation can be summarized as:
Taliban are not very popular any where in Afghanistan and even in Helmand. If people would be given a chance to vote with out any pressure Taliban would never win. USA and Foreign Forces are even more Unpopular than Taliban and people hate the arrogant attitude of Young Soldiers posing as they are from the God.
Political Process in Afghanistan has people support but people want solution to their day to day problems and provisions of basic needs which is definitely not possible in years or even decades.
People blame the Foreigners and Foreign Forces for not delivering what they were promised.
99% of the Afghan people feel happy when Foreign Soldiers are killed. Afghans want the forces to stay and maintain peace. Average Afghan Look at the Foreigners as a threat to his culture, values, religion, and way of life.
99% Afghans believe that by promoting women rights west is promoting prostitution, and trying to destroy the Afghan society.
What options west has:
Women Lib organizations must be banned from Afghanistan. Talk of women rights must be stopped because that Ignite hatred.
Gender issue must be thrown behind and efforts must be concentrated on the followings:
Campaign against corruption, Development of Education, Medical, Road, Communication Infrastructure. Provision of Public Utilities.
Foreign forces must be brought in defensive positions and policing.
Talk of NEED TO DO MORE in public must be stopped because that ignite hatred. No nation would like to be lectured. Americans must understand that now they do not hold high moral grounds which they have buried in Guantanamo Bay, Abu Garaib, Iraq War, Kidnapping and Torture of the prisoners, detaining the people with out trial etc. so they should not lecture the world. People hate it and understand the hypocrisy.
Americans Citizens are being ruled by lobbyists and must not listen to them
They supported the war and now must stand behind the decision and have patience. THERE IS ONLY WORSE OPTIONS IF THEY WILL NOT HAVE PATIENCE & WOULD NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR LEADERS. visit our site for travel to Afghanistan

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