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Saturday, February 20, 2010

I adore people who admit they are wrong

There's been so much talk about Tiger Woods lately that I hesitate to add to it. But I was so impressed by his public apology that I can't resist commenting. I've been thinking about it since I watched this video.

What struck me most about this was that here was a public figure admitting that what he'd done was wrong. FINALLY. I couldn't help but think of many other public figures that have acted as if the rules did not apply to them, who cheated on their spouses, and never really owned up and said it was wrong.

I'm reminded of a favorite verse of mine from Proverbs 28:13:

"He who conceals his transgressions will not prosper,But he who confesses and forsakes them will find compassion."

In my mind, when someone confesses and chooses to forsake their wrong doing, then they are forgiven. I hear a lot of people debating over if he Woods was sincere; we can never know what goes on in another person's heart - I'm so grateful that it's not my responsibility to be the judge.

Being forgiven does not mean that there are not logical consequences, but simply that those actions are not going to be held against a person. Who knows what will happen with Tiger Woods' marriage or career or sponsors or public image. But at least he can take a breath of HONEST, clean, air.

What about you, have you ever done something for which you were really ashamed? Did you have to "go public"? What were your experiences when you confessed your wrong doing?


Denise said...

Great post.

Ginx said...

I hear Tiger is also asking forgiveness from a certain divine entity... Nike.

Mike said...

I couldn't agree with your title post more!

I've done some horrible things in this life-journey. Too sordid and too many to post here. I've had to seek peoples' and God's forgiveness, and what I think is hardest is forgiving myself.

John Cowart said...

I did something wrong once. Let me see... as best I can remember it was back in 1962.

Mr. Stupid said...

I watched the video too. Tiger woods had tears yesterday while confessing. I really felt bad for him and his family. Though, there are many people now who were unaware of what happened before and would hate Woods for his doing...

Have a great weekend...:)

Ginx said...

Mr. Stupid: I want to know who has not heard know about Tiger Woods and where they live, so I can move there.

Being Me said...

I just hope he is sincere, I do feel sorry for him some because of the way he grew up as a child i.e live, play and eat golf.


jenny said...

Finally indeed. The best thing one could do is to admit all the things that he/she did and make peace with everybody.
Hope he learns his lesson. :D

Godbless :D

Tracy said...


I also have done some yucky stuff in my life. Fortunately I've never had had to go "public", but I have sought out individuals who have been hurt by my sin and confessed my wrong doing, and where possible, made amends. I too, find forgiving myself the hardest part.

I'm so grateful for God's forgiveness. I want to live my life being a forgiving person.

David-FireAndGrace said...

So the Tiger Woods saga looks like it is ending in a divorce and a $750M settlement.

Tiger is not doing well as a golfer (if he did, that would have set world karma back a million years!). He probably thinks that he can spend his way out of this. He might find some temporary peace in Buddhism, but without Jesus, forgiveness is nothing.

How is it that we continue to rely on ourselves for the very thing that we cannot provide?

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