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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Terrific Tuesday with Jenny from Random Throughts

Today's Terrific Tuesday guest is Jenny who writes at Random Thoughts. Jenny is a twenty year old student who lives in the Philippines. For some reason I've always loved reading the journals of people from history. As I started reading blogs I found that I also enjoy reading the blog journals of current people as well. Jenny keeps her journal on line where she talks about what's happening in her daily life.

Have you ever had one of those wonderful days that stands crystal clear in your memory? Here's a treasured memory that Jenny has about such a day:

I had a date yesterday!

Hot, hot, and hot. That’s the best way to describe the climate in the Philippines as of the moment. Kring, Yang, Kim and I decided to go to school to make our Techno works. But since I have some agenda, we did not do anything. Sorry Yang. Anyway, so since Yang’s father went to Zamboanga, she decided to bring us some chocolates (Apollo) and some coffees that can only be bought there in the whole Philippines. Thanks for the chocolates and coffee!

As I was busy doing some stuffs for my articles, the girls are playing with the cameras on their laptops—making funny faces and trying to look as if they have short hairs. And I could hear them laughing at how serious I was with what I’m doing. And I apologize for the lack of my time.

After I e-mailed my work to Ate Bam, we decided to go to the nearest mall in the town. The main agenda was to get something for Bruce. And it’s something that we all wanted to do since the establishment is much colder than in school’s lounges. After a little walk, we decided to grab something to drink but decided to eat dinner instead.

We went to a restaurant called Mandarin. It offers Chinese food with a little touché of some Filipino dish. Kim and I ordered Pork Humba, White Chicken for Kring and the usual Siomai Noodle Soup for Yang. Yum! Before eating, we saw the parents of Kai2. It made me think how we lost time for each other. We took pictures and had some laugh trips, making the experience more special.

After eating, we bought quenchers for our parched mouths. Chocolate with pearls was a real knockout. Then Kim decided to go home together with her family who were also there. Kring, Yang and I continued to search for the gift we wanted to buy.

After a few minutes of wandering, we came across a cute little t-shirt designed to be put in the car’s wind shield.” Since Bruce’s has a car, why not give him that to remind him of us?”, we thought. And so the gift was a cute shirt with his face.:-D

Thanks for the wonderful evening guys! Hugs and Kisses to you from me!:-D

Here are some of the photos from Yang's cam and Kring's laptop:


Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

I have enjoyed reading Jenny's blog too. I remember this post, and it made me realize that people on two sides of the world really aren't that different after all. :-)

RCUBEs said...

Hot weather but what stands out is the people's warm hospitality, friendships and family-oriented. God bless.

jenny said...

Thank you for the praises Ms Tracy. Godbless :D

Being Me said...

To Jenny - always enjoy and take in as much of the moments that count when they come.


~*Michelle*~ said...

This was a really fun post to read.....thanks for sharing Jenny with us, Tracy!

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