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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Families do need to be inspired

Did you hear about the 30-second ad that Focus on the Family plans to air on television both prior to, and during, the super bowl?

I just read about it recently at LifeNews and the Christian post.

Focus on the family has stated that they did not utilize any money from their general funds to finance this commercial but instead received donations specifically for this project. What caught my attention is that the young Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow will appear with his mother in this commercial.

As I've mentioned before, football was never my thing until I married an all out fan and now my two youngest sons play high school football. But Tim Tebow and his open love for Christ has captured the hearts of my entire family.

No one knows yet what exactly the ad will include but apparently it is a well known fact that Tebow’s mother refused to have an abortion while she was pregnant with him despite having suffered from amoebic dysentery. The drugs to treat that infection were thought by the treating doctors to have caused irreversible damage to her baby and the physicians advised her to have an abortion. Since Focus on the Family has long held a strong pro life stance, the assumption of many is that the ad will somehow contain a pro life statement.

Focus on the Family president and CEO, Jim Daily, said in a statement that the Tebow message comes at a good time because "Familes need to be inspired".


RCUBEs said...

That's great! During the fun times, we can still hear a positive message! To God be the glory!

Michelle said...

Awesome. Despite being a big Vols fan, I think Tebow is awesome. What I really found appealing was that he was homeschooled. His mother actually had the law changed in Fla so that homeschooled children could play sports on local public school teams. Can't wait to see the ad! Thanks for the heads up.

Denise said...


Coffee With Marty said...

That's great!

photogr said...

It is always so refreshing to hear of Tebow's testimony amid the usual news about other sports figures getting in trouble with the law and doing drugs.

This is a sports figure that all the children ( and adults) can look up to for inspiration.

jenny said...

So brave of her..I know a lot of women who had abortions..

JD Curtis said...

I always thought that Tebow was a bit of a "Rod".

This though gives me inspiration to root for the guy. And least he's standing up for what he believes.

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