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Friday, October 30, 2009

An Opportunity to Trust God

Had any opportunities to trust God lately?

My current opportunity started in the early evening yesterday. I was busy, cleaning up from an early dinner I'd provided for the linemen on my middle son's high school football team. My cell phone started ringing with an unfamiliar ring tone, which usually means I won't answer it, but I decided to answer this time.

To my surprise it was Ginger; she's my oldest son Devon's fiance. She told me that Devon had asked her to call me because he'd been "taken away" and quarantined.

Fortunately the conversation got better after that as she explained herself. Since both Ginger and Devon are attending West Point, and it is the Army college, everything is more regimented there. There had been some cases of Swine Flu on the campus, so the response was to quarantine anyone with any kind of influenza since dorm life tends to spread illnesses more easily.

I'd remembered noting that Devon had posted that he didn't feel well on Facebook yesterday. I hadn't given it a lot of thought since he's currently carrying 25 units in college, planning his wedding with Ginger, captain of his drill team, and busy with all the stuff West Point has him do as well; I just figured he wasn't getting enough sleep. Ginger said that since he had a fever they quarantined him. I voiced concerns that if Swine Flu has been going around their campus, and if he does not have it (they are not testing for it) but is somewhat compromised simply by having a regular flu, that being housed with more sick individuals seems a likely way to obtain the virus. She assured me that, as of that moment in time, he was in a room by himself. So we agreed to just pray that this ends up being a blessing; Devon will have a chance to get some sleep with a temporary reprieve from his normal responsibilities.

But I'm a mom, and he's so far from home. I would be easy for me to worry about him. I'm choosing instead to trust God. I've noticed that the older my sons get, the more opportunities I have to trust God.

So as I start my day today, I'm here remembering all the times Devon has given me opportunities to trust God. I'm going over these times, one by one in my mind; and remembering how God has worked everything out for his good every time.

What's a recent opportunity you've had to trust God?


RCUBEs said...

Remember my post about my son getting sick recently? That's where His power comes in. When we are worried, He is quick to tell us, "let go and let Me"...I am glad that you remain trusting in Him. It's hard to be a mom, but we have a Back-up! That even if the distance is way far, He would fill any gap...
Praying that your son would be up on his feet in no time and that may he get a full rest that he deserved. May the Lord shield us all from H1N1 and other viruses.
There were so many events in my life that I'm glad I trusted in Him. Like the recent post you read. To God be the glory! Blessings to you sister and may you have a great weekend. Praying for the Lord to give you peace over this situation.

JD Curtis said...

You can never stop being the "mommy" T. Glad to hear your son's a lineman. So was I and I turned out OK :-). And besides, It's better to hit on a football field than to be hit.

BeadedTail said...

I'm sure it's hard for a mom to be away from a sick child no matter what age. I hope Devon gets well soon! Sounds like he could probably use the rest in the meantime!

Auntie E said...

God hears our prayers and puts his angles in charge of his comfort for you. I know this first hand. Your son is in heavenly hands. Pray unceasingly, my Parents did for me and I was protected the whole time I was in the Military. the call was a reminder for that kind of prayer.

Wylie said...
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Tracy said...

Rcube - I actually thought about the whole thing you went through with your son, when I was writing this post. I'm with you in being grateful that we've got God to turn to.

JD - So you were a lineman-humm...I'm really enjoying all the linemen. I'd previously kind of had a negative stereotype of football players, but these young men are sweethearts. They're all so big and they all always come into my home and hug me and call me mom and it's a lot of fun. It's also been interesting with the whole macho male football thing watching my two younger sons participate; I've come to think it's a great opportunity for them to enjoy the whole aggressive male thing and bond with other males.

Thanks BeadedTail for your well wishes, they are appreciated.

Thanks Auntie E for the encouragement. It's always cool to hear a former service person speak of their parents praying for them. I pray for Devon and Ginger both.

GCT said...

I too was quarantined at one point during my college days. Somehow (it's still a mystery how) I ended up getting chicken pox. I had to be quarantined to my room (my roommate had to move in with someone else). It wasn't that bad to be honest, as I had my food brought to me, I got to relax for a while, and I even got to take a couple exams from the comfort of my bed, instead of a desk somewhere else on campus. I hope your son is doing well.

Tracy said...

Thanks for your kind thoughts GCT.

Devon contacted me yesterday and said that he's now out of quarantine. I'm grateful.

He said it was really rather silly in the first place since his temp hadn't been all that high; it's just that the army can sometimes be rather rigid in their approach to things, and West Point is not that large of a campus and they were concerned since they'd had a few cases of Swine Flu and didn't want a bunch of cases, so they were just being super cautious. I'm grateful he's fine and was actually forced to take it easy a bit - he said it drove him crazy because all they let him do was stay in bed and rest.

GCT said...

I guess they feel it's better safe than sorry. I'm glad he's feeling better.

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