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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another Sunday

I love Sundays.

There's just something about getting together with others of like faith and worshiping and looking at the Word together that brings me peace and happiness.

It was especially awesome in our church today. We all crowded into the sanctuary and there was gratefulness, connection and expectancy in the air. After all we'd all been evacuated in the early hours of the morning last Sunday but here we all were home, safe and together again. (I live in a small mountain town, posted population 3,500, which had, due to local fires, been evacuated.)


Just Be Real said...

Nice post Tracy, thank you for sharing.

JD Curtis said...

That's a really cute church you go to T. My pastor quoted a statistic yesterday stating that the average size of a church in the US is about 108 members. That's about the attendence we get at my church on a weekend.

RCUBEs said...

Glad that your town was okay and was able to worship together this Sunday. Blessings to you.

The Redhead Riter said...

I'm glad everyone is back and safe. Nice post.

Tracy said...

JD - It really is a cute little building. After 3 yrs in our small mountain town I'm still totally enchanted by the entire experience. After having lived in large urban areas for so many years, I'm loving the pure beauty I can drink in every day here as well as the small town atmosphere. I'm grateful for our church. Recently the pastor who'd been here for 13yrs left rather suddenly. It was really weird; it's a small church so I felt like, even though we've only been here 3yrs, I knew him - he and his wife had been in our home, we've been involved in one another's lives and then, suddenly, he's gone. Public story is he's gone off to finish his doctorate in Florida (his parents live there) and, although I'm sure this is true, the suddenness was odd. We're a campus of a larger church (around 4,000 attenders) down the mountain so they've been having pastors cover the preaching each week and they've all been awesome. It blesses me greatly to see how the people here have just kept up; we're still doing lots of projects to reach out in the local community and the small groups and various ministries still continue.

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