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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine Thoughts for Daniel

Daniel is my youngest son.  He'll be 20 years old on May 29th.

Words can not express how grateful I am for the godly young man that Daniel is.

In the current world that we live in so many young men are caught up with pursuing pleasure and self gain.  By the grace and power of God Daniel lives up to his namesake in the Bible who lived righteously in an fallen
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Daniel believes in sexual purity.  He is a diligent student and not only receives practically all As in college, but he actually delights in learning.  He's studying to become a chemical engineer and has an interest in missions. At the local university of California there is an international student program. Daniel has gotten involved through his church with becoming a conversation partner and meeting with an international student once a week to hang out and learn about one another's culture.  Daniel hopes to be a good friend and also to get to share his faith with his conversation partner.   Daniel leads a Bible study with his team mates. He faithfully attends his local church each week even though he goes alone.  He's the kind of a person who is aware of the areas where he is weak and willingly seeks help and counsel from people who he sees can help him.

I'm repeatedly grateful to God for all He's doing in Daniel's life.

Valentine's day is about love.  My husband and sons are my heart.  With the approach of Valentine's day I'm filled with thoughts of love and gratitude for Daniel.

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