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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Some benefits come with age

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Yesterday my boss and I drove a bit of a ways to interview a prospective client to come live in one of the homes I oversee.  The drive was about an hour each way and it gave us time to talk.

I think it was one of those divine appointments.  My boss was asking about my views on things to do with our faith.  He asked specifically about time spent in scripture reading and study, small Bible study groups, church attendance, the practice of tithing, and spiritual leadership. 

My boss is a really good guy.  He loves his wife and kids.  He works diligently at a job that helps others and provides for his family.  He is crazy about his sons and spends tons of time with them, coaches their sports teams, and takes them to a mid week church program.  He speaks highly of his wife and they routinely attend church together on Sundays.

Although he didn't exactly come out and say it, it was obvious that his wife has been giving him a hard time regarding those topics he was asking me about. He was especially interested in how my husband John views those topics.  Apparently my boss is not where his wife believes he should be in relationship to those issues.  She was in some way chastising him about not being the spiritual leader he "should" be to his family.  He basically sees himself as a good guy and was puzzled why his wife doesn't seem happy with him.

I encouraged him that when I was younger I may have thought that way too.  But as I've gotten older I've come to see more clearly that we're all running our own "race" in this relationship with God.  Repeatedly the Bible tells us not to compare ourselves to others.  We have to give our loved ones the space in love to grow and develop into the individual God wants them to be - not who we think they should be.  I did answer his questions but was somewhat evasive on my views on the topics because I told him that I believe we each have to read the scriptures for ourselves and come to the truths the Holy Spirit gives us. I explained that it's not that I see truth as relative, and that when it comes to certain topics such as tithing I do have my own views. However, my beloved John has different views and I am not so arrogant to assume I am the right one.  All I'm called to do is to run my race and be obedient to God as He leads me.

I felt like maybe I was helpful and encouraging to my boss.  I realized that it was only because I am a woman who's enough older than him to not be looked at as a "woman" that we could be having that discussion.  I'm grateful that through all the too-many-to-count-mess-ups I've made in my life, I've learned some things and can encourage others.

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