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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Spiritual Leftovers

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I've felt the need repeatedly lately to come to God daily for strength for that specific day.

My week day mornings are crazy and rushed but I've found that I can  take 5 minutes, right after I wake up, to sit on the edge of the bed and read some Word and pray.  I've found that  I look forward to it, that this is one of my favorite times of my day.  Saturdays are my only day to sleep in a bit and to have a relaxed, extended time with God and that's my most favorite.

I've been impressed that I can't rely on yesterday's strength to keep me going through today's problems.  I'm reminded of how in Exodus 16 God gave His people just enough manna to sustain them for that day.  If they tried to take extra so they wouldn't have to go out and get it the next day, it became filled with maggots (except for the day prior to the Sabbath, because the Sabbath was the day for rest God let them gather up twice as much the day prior and the manna didn't go bad then).

Life brings so many challenges every day, and I realize more and more that I'm just not strong enough, smart enough, creative enough, or energetic enough to do it on my own.  I need to be connected to God my source.  A favorite author of mine, Richard Foster, through his books taught me about a Quaker practice called centering.  Unfortunately, there's some controversy about centering prayer, but for me all it means is to get rid of all the other distractions of life and give myself anew to God, to seek to become more sensitive to God's Holy Spirit within me.  I like the word centering because it represents how I want my life to be centered on Christ.

I find that without that time daily I still become centered, only it's on me and not on Him.


Mike said...

I find myself most in need of prayer when I haven't been in His presence, yet I find myself more desiring of His presence the more I pray.

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