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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Maybe I've been asking the wrong question

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I've journaled a lot about my struggles with my job.

I'd been in charge, been the person to work tons of hours creating this program from nothing and then suddenly the company (who gave me nothing in terms of training prior to starting the endeavor and only finally provided a little bit of training after 9 months) brings in another employee over me and makes me her assistant.  To their credit, or at least my good, they kept me at the same pay.  Something that makes it even more challenging is that my new boss is sarcastic, sharp with people, and difficult to work with because she doesn't lead and is unclear about what she wants.  On the good side she's worked for this company for many years and knows their systems well, she's a competent manager, and she's an RN who has more specific medical knowledge than I.

So I've struggled with the whole situation and whined a lot here.

Recently I've started a Bible study in the book of Jonah.  I'm utilizing a companion workbook put together by Priscilla Shirer that looks at Jonah from the perspective of a life interrupted.  I can relate to that theme. I had these career plans to grow this program and, although the program is growing, I'm no longer in charge.  This wasn't how I envisioned things going.

Shirer makes these points in her book that have got me to thinking:

"A life interrupted by a holy God is a privilege"

"God doesn't need us to complete His purposes, yet He still chooses to ask us to partner with Him.  It's unfathomable.  His callinig you means that He has chosen you above anyone else to do what He is asking.  You are the one He singled out and pinpointed as His partner for a particular project."

"Believing that divine interruptions are a privilege not only will cause us to handle them differently but also to await them eagerly.  Knowing that we have an opportunity to participate in God's purposes should cause us to sit on the edge of our seats in anticipation of divine interventions disguised as life's interruptions."

So, I've been spending time looking and looking and looking for another job.  I've been asking why can't I seen to get another job?   But now I'm thinking that I need to be seeking God as to what He wants from me here at this job right now.  I need to be asking what is Your purpose in having me here at this job right now What is it that You want me to do?


RCUBEs said...

And I'll be praying for you and I as I am also on the same boat like you. One thing I learned when the Lord brought me to corrections from the hospital, was that sometimes, we may not understand what's going on not til much later when we look back and truly realize He is always there going through trials with us. I know sometimes it's easier said than done but may you discover His plan regarding this and that you will persevere! God bless and protect you.

John Cowart said...

It's good to be reminded of the concept of divine interruptions; I lose sight of that often.

Don't know if I have the mind of the Lord, but almost everytime I read one of your postings, I keep thinking -- Quit! Get out of there. That game is not worth the candle... Yet, I remember praying months ago that you would get this job.

But, what do I know of your situation? I need to get my own life in order before advising you, Dear Sister.

John Cowart

Tracy said...

Thanks Rcubes, your encouragement means a lot to me.

John, I love you brother-your candidness and down to earth approach. To be equally candid, I'd quit in a second but can't afford to quit unless I have another, decent, job. So, since that route is not opening I'm trying to do right every day I'm here and figure God must either want for some reason, or be allowing, this situation to occur.

Mike said...

Did God send you Sarcastic so you could be a Christ-like example to her?

Did He send her to you to teach you how to be the right kind of Christian?

These, I think, are the best lessons in life. They are difficult, but worth the effort.

Tracy said...

Mike, you raise some good questions. I've been thinking on these things too. Sometimes we never know for sure but just have to trust and try to cooperate with the process and have Him empower us to have open hearts, whatever it is God is doing.

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