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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Know any great leaders?

What do you think makes a great leader?

I'm thinking about this because I received an email yesterday from our warden, my direct day to day boss, that he is leaving. He's leaving for personal/health related reasons. He'll be here until the middle of April. Upon reading that I found myself thinking - I put up with all this nonsense here because of him; he's a great leader and I adore working together with him. I'm not so sure it would be worth it with someone else.

Of course that got me to thinking about why he's a great leader. There are many reasons but the ones that stand out most for me are:

  • He's a man of integrity in every way.
  • He would never throw me or anyone else under the bus. He does what is right and lets the chips fall where they may. He takes responsibility for everything in this place; even if I mess up, since he's my boss.
  • His word is gold.
  • He's phenomenally knowledgeable and smart.
  • He has a total sense of passion and urgency about him that motivates me.
  • He sincerely cares about both staff and the individuals in our custody.
  • He is willing to do any task and doesn't see anything as beneath him.
  • He works hard and is willing to do what it takes to get the job done.

I want to be this kind of a leader.

What about you, what do you think makes a great leader? Have you ever worked with a great leader in your professional or personal life? I'd be interested in hearing about that experience, this topic interests me a lot.


The Maryland Crustacean said...

All of the above, plus someone who casts a vision for those he is leading and enables them to follow and pursue the vision themselves; not micromanaging them, but giving them the tools to do the job, and allowing them to be creative in pursuing the vision. Also a great leader will invest in those following him to the point of making himself dispensable, because he realizes that it is not about him. A great leader also recognizes what a privilege it is to have the people he has working for him, giving them the credit for their accomplishments.

Unfortunately, I have met very few such persons in my professional life, but it is what I aspire to myself. Working on it....

Tracy said...

You're right on about vision and giving people tools. I really like the way you explain investing in people. In my professional life I had one man, John Megara, with whom I worked from 2000-2003 who really invested me. He's a great leader and I thank God for how God used this man (who isn't even a Christian yet) in my life. Like you, I aspire by God in me to be that kind of person and leader in my family, church, work, wherever God leads.

RCUBEs said...

All of your description and one who is not biased and thinks of others higher than himself. A mark of a true servant.

We had a change of Nurse Manager and that's when my battle began at work because the new one just does whatever he wants to do. He doesn't consider staff's input and he doesn't care what people say.

It's great to hear from you. I pray God will give you His discernment regarding having a new boss. Obviously, He placed you there for a reason. If not for yourself, it is for the others who will be working with you. To learn a lesson...God bless.

Diana Guess said...
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Alexander said...

Yes, I can say that I am fortunate to have worked with a great leader. The traits you have mentioned definitely comprise the makings of a good leader. But if I may add, a good leader doesn't create followers, they create more leaders. Also, he/she must have the appreciative eye to see the silver lining in every misfortune.

-Alexander Tiedeman

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