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Sunday, January 22, 2012

What do you think?

My oldest son Devon facebooked me these two youtubes:

He suggested that I first view the first and then the second.

What are your thoughts on these?

Since Devon sent them, added to fact that Devon converted to Catholicism a couple of years ago, makes it apparant that he agrees with the second video.

I love my son more than words can express. I respect the man he's become.

But I can't really agree with the second video. I do not think the rock upon which Christ proclaimed He'd build His church was referring to the local church or religion; I think it was referring to faith in Christ.

If you know me at all you know that I love the local body. I participate faithfully in my local church and raised all three of my sons in church. So I appreciate Devon's love for the church as well. I know that God wants to work through His local body of Belivers in all the locations at which they meet, and I think He ordained the local church to teach and encourage in the faith. But, since the local church and religion are made up of people - it is indeed imperfect at best. Religion and church membership can not make you right with God - only Jesus can!

I'd be very interested in your responses to these two videos.


JD Curtis said...

I wouldn't lose any sleep over it Tracy.

Sure there are doctrinal differences, but it's not like giving oneself over to the Mormon/Jehovah's Witnesses/Moonies cabal so prevalent these days.

I'll check out the videos and post my thoughts on them.

Jenny Gallegos said...

I cannot fully give my thoughts on this since I have not read the full contents of the bible...

I've read Christian books and all of them says that we need the church to be with other believers--bible study, pray for each other, talk to our pastors about what bothers us, etc.--but am I right in saying that the first video is not all for it?

Mike said...

"You are Petros (a chip of rock) and on this Petra (the rock itself) I will build my church."

Linguistically, the "rock" to which Jesus referred was NOT Peter, but his confession of faith in Jesus Christ.

Without Christ, there is no Church; without Peter, there is simply no Peter.

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