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Sunday, April 3, 2011

If I were a pastor....

Today as I was getting ready for church I was thinking about the sermons that I've heard about giving. For the most part, they've all been good sermons. Typically they've included Bible passages such as Malachi 3:9-11, Matthew 6:27-32, Luke 6:37-39, and Luke 18:28-30. Very good stuff!

But this morning I was thinking about the reason that compels me to give. I like who I become when I give. I become a better person when I'm giving. So I guess if I were a pastor that's what I'd preach about giving - that giving changes your heart.

I've really noticed this at my current job. I make less than half of what I made at my last job. Yet, due to the way things are, I find I'm frequently giving money for one thing or another at work; things like fund raisiers for the Special Olympics, or to do something special for my staff at a home after the DPH has left to thank them for all their hard work, etc. I'm also so inspired by the selflessness of some of the people with whom I get to work, that I find myself giving more on a personal level as well. Through all of this I just can't help but notice how generally happier I am with myself, how much more content I feel.

What compels you to give?


JD Curtis said...

I remember (Walmart's) Sam Walton relating a story from his dirt-poor youth.

Once they were passing the plate for some worthy cause or other and Sam had exactly one dollar to his name.

Sam was reluctant to hand over the only dollar that he had when his parents admonished him, saying {paraphrasing)..

"If you don't give now, when you have a million, you wont give a penny"

I quess Sam gave up his buck that day and the lesson stuck with him. His corporation has donated alot of dough over the years.

RCUBEs said...

I often think before giving that what I'm about to give is from Him anyway. That there is no reason for me to hold things back...

Giving always makes me think about Jesus' miracle of feeding thousands with only a few bread and fishes. Yet, after thanking the Father and breaking the bread and those fishes, everyone ate and there were even extra.

I love the way His blessings work! God bless you sister Tracy.

Michelle said...

What compels me to give? I think in my mind is always that by serving others we our serving Christ. If I turned an oppurtunity away to serve, would I be turning Him away? This keeps me from second guessing other persons motives/needs and see all chances as a chance to serve God.

(I admire your first job out of college was with an agency working with adults with developmental disabilities. I did Behavior Specialist work. Love to see folks with a passion for the individuals you work with!)

John Cowart said...

What motivates me to give?

I'd like to say it springs from some deep, mystical devotion to Christ, but actually the thing that motivates me most is my Boy Scout training from 60 years ago.

Once a Boy Scout, always a Scout.

I think that the reason Jesus told us to give alms in secret was because He did not want us to be embarrassed by how little we give.

He said that when it comes to giving to not let your right hand know what your left is doing--My wife says I go Him one better than that: My right hand does not know what my right hand is doing.


Tracy said...

JD-Sam Walmart seems to have really hit the proverbial nail on the head with that thought.

Rcubes-I laughed when I read what you wrote because it's so ironic that sometimes I struggle with giving, yet it truly is as you point out, all God's any way.

Michelle-Certainly does put things into perspective to look at it that way!

John - Ha!

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