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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Character that you can count on

Last night I read the following words of Joanna Weaver’s in Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World:
“God’s ways are not our ways, but His character is still dependable.”
Those words have been echoing about in my head since I read them.
As I shared here recently, I’ve been struggling with my whole work situation. I’ve been frustrated because, although I really like the people who we serve and the people with whom I work, I want to do more. I also want to make more money. Yet I continue to experience rejection as I apply for one job after another. A part of me knows that God knows best, but another part of me struggles because I want things to be different.
Even though I can not see how things will turn out, I am grateful that I know that God loves me and has good plans for my life (Romans 8:27-29, Jeremiah 29:11, 1 Peter 1:2). I’m grateful that even in the midst of uncomfortable circumstances that I do not understand, I have a glimpse of God. That bit of Him that I know, convinces me of His trustworthiness.
I am grateful that He actually wants me to get to know Him better. I’m convinced that as I come to know God better, that I will find trust easier.
What about you, have you had any experiences lately where God has shown Himself dependable in your life? Are there any scriptures that you cling to because they assure you of God’s heart and faithfulness?


Mama Chang said...

I am happy we have this kind of friendship here.I am young but at least I can encourage you somehow to stay strong!
God Loves you so much and I will include you in my prayers..

John Cowart said...

Hi Tracy,

It seems to me that Hebrews 11 mentions something about the people who were persecuted being tempted by specious promises.

I thought of that the other day when I read your previous post about the disappointing job interview.

I think the evil one likes to build our hopes up and laugh when they are dashed. We can not depend on the word of princes or on life circumstances.

So, the Lord is doing things with you which you can not understand. Maybe you never will. But you can always rely on Him for the right outcome.

Love, John

David-FireAndGrace said...

God has never broken a promise to me!

I continue to be amazed that when I am weak he is strong. As much as I dislike my commute, I have a good job, and beyond all that, I simply have Him - that's enough. God blows my mind week by week as I do this school, and I take risks in places I was shut down because of being hurt by church people.

The Bible says that from my belly shall flow rivers of living water, and that even in the desert, there is abundant life.

Tracy, the Holy Spirit is ever present, and regardless of the circumstances, he is more than just with you - he is everything! I often wonder what Paul and Silas were thinking in prison just before the jail was opened?

Hang in there, I assure you God is faithful in everything.

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