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Friday, October 29, 2010

It's here again

I've never liked Daylight Savings Time.

So I'm not looking forward to the change this Saturday night.

At the risk of exposing my truly grumpy self I'll explain my thought process:
Mornings are not that great any way (I'm so NOT a morning person), so who cares if they're dark. You're either lucky and get to sleep, or you have to get up and do stuff any way; since we are blessed to have electricity, it's no problem turning on lights. But to lose that hour of light in the afternoon, now that's a real loss. It makes it feel like the day is over by the time you get home from work. It makes it way less appealing to get out for a walk or bike ride or whatever other get-some-exercise-outdoors kind of thing you like to do.

Since I have this thought process going on anyway I found this article on Yahoo news entitled Extending daylight could boost health, help planet somewhat gratifying. So why don't we just leave the clocks alone. However, since the rest of my state will be setting back the clock this Saturday night, I've got to as well so I can be in sync.

How about you, do you like Daylight Savings time? Why?


Inge' said...

I have to agree with you especially the "not a morning person" part!

When i lived in Japan, we did not have daylight savings time and I did not miss it one single bit!

Sometimes I wish we would just do away with altogether.

Tony C said...

Amen Tracy!!

Daylight Saving Time was implemented during a time when an agricultural lifestyle dominated American life. That's a time long past.

Some parts of the country do...some don't. I say we scrap it and get with the rest of the world.

David-FireAndGrace said...

Some places in the mid-west don't change their clocks. Ft Wayne, IN and I believe southern MI.

I think we should split the difference - or just change the start of the work day to commence 1 hour after sunrise and end 8 hours later, or 1 hour before sunset; whichever comes first.

I am so not a morning person, or an evening person. I am at my best about 3 hours after I get up, and useless after the sun goes down.

Tracy said...

Oh David you've definitely got me laughing with not being an evening or morning person!

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