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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Have you ever noticed?

I want it to be that Christians are the best. I want it to be that Christians are the most kind, loving, approachable, and quality performing people.

During my life I've been blessed to meet some awesome Christians; Believers in whom you can feel Christ's presence from the moment you meet them. But I find that it just isn't always that way.

I started a new job two weeks ago. I work for a small subsidiary of a large company. In this subsidiary there are 5 people who have the same job as me, and another person who used to have this job and now is the quality manager for this job. Two of the 7 of us are very openly, one might even say blatantly, Christian.

Unfortunately, these are the 2 least appealing people out of the 7 of us.

One of the "blatant Christians" is rather loud in speech, organized and into delegating (which can both be good things in the correct context), and somewhat self obsessed. She spends quite a bit of time talking about her life, church, Bible studies, and her mission work (hence the reference to blatant Christian). She does not come across as particularly interested in others. She used to run the 3 sites that I now run and, I have no knowledge as to how she did her job, but I can tell you what happened when I brought the staff from the 3 sites together for a meeting. During the beginning of that meeting I had each staff present tell me their name, what site they worked at, and how long they'd worked for this company. Then, when I spent a few moments explaining who I am as a supervisor and what they can expect from me, they cheered. They cheered when I said that 2 words that can describe me are consistency and respect. Their reaction leads me to think that this woman was not perceived by them to be fair or respectful.

The other "blatant Christian" is odd. He's one of those individuals who does not seem to have learned those basic social skills that the rest of us take for granted. He also talks a lot about his faith and wanting to minister/be a minister. He has a reputation for bringing in Bible verses.

To be candid, I do not find myself drawn to either of these people.

Interestingly enough, I find myself very drawn to the quality manager. She's happy, friendly, laughs a lot, and is totally about the clients. Our clients are developmentally disabled adults and she has an excellent rapport with these people. I'm not getting the vibe from the time I've spent with this woman that she's a Christian. But here she is, the most appealing and caring person out of the group.

Is it just me, or is there something wrong with this picture?

On the good side, this definitely brings me to prayer. I pray for these 2 blatant Christians and pray that I would be a good sister in the Lord to them. I pray for myself. I pray that I would be open to the Holy Spirit and be aware of the people around me. That each and every day God would use me in this work place. I also pray that I'd do my job with excellence.

What about you, do you ever find yourself disappointed with the Christians that you meet?


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Sad fact but true: some Christians give Christianity a bad name. They no doubt wish to serve God in an advisory capacity and tell Him when He gets things wrong!

God bless.

David-FireAndGrace said...

It doesn't sound like these folks are sharing their faith -

In AA a lot of people paraphrase the 12th Step like this: "Carry the message, not the disease."

I often wonder where folks like this are actually going to church?

I confess I have been excited about my Jesus, and the stuff he is doing in my life - at work! I also confess that I have not been a perfect Christian.

Somewhere in the mix, I hope these folks are accountable to someone - but my guess is that, like almost every church I have been in, that is not the case.

The Kingdom is made up of many different types of people and temperaments (and dysfunctions). I always find it interesting when a pastor leaves a church, and so do a whole lot of his followers. That can't be God.

I am most amazed that you work with Christians... the last time that happened to me was when I hired one from Church 14 years ago.

May said...

I totally agree with Victor. I know people that say they are Christians and carry the Bible with them at all times. The same people will not smile nor speak. Excellent post.

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