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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Can we trust them to God?

This week at Kingdom Bloggers is back to school week. I've posted about what's significant about school starting for me this year.

I'm also asking a couple of questions that you can answer over there or here:

Do you ever struggle with trusting your kids' future to God? Do you experience anxiety about your children's choices, or are you at peace in the knowledge that God's in control?


May said...

Great questions, Tracy. There is no doubt when it come to trusting my kids' future to God. God can do everything through transformation in the mist of lives. God bless.

RCUBEs said...

Do I struggle? I think yes if I didn't believe and trust in the One Who knows everything. But because of His faithful love, mercy, grace, divine wisdom and true promises, I know nothing will go wrong if I commit raising up my kid including his future to Him and no one or nothing else. Great question sister! You always inspire and truly make the brain cells work! :) God bless.

John Cowart said...

I struggle with trusting my own future to God. I experience anxiety about my own choices. My six grown kids are better at this stuff than I am.

I believe God is in control in general, but I doubt that when it comes to specifics affecting me.

Big stuff like eternal salvation, He can handle fine, but when it comes to buying next weeks groceries???

Tracy said...

Gosh John, I think I know just what you mean. I'm fine with the big stuff, it's the small things I sometimes sweat!

photogr said...

I had read some where or heard it from a shrink that our children's thought processes and values are already formulated by the time they are 9 years old and carry that process into adult hood ( values, morals, ethics, and etc.)

Thus it is important that at the child's earlier ages we are completely involved in teaching them right from wrong and placing the values that they will carry on through out their lives.

Introducing them to God's word is certainly a priority even as an infant. However, the TV programs usually become the baby sitter and we all know what some programs do to bend their minds. Then you have the peer pressure issues as they age.

I don't have problems trusting my childrens future to God. I just have trouble trusting them to make the right choices.

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