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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pursuing Trust

OK, I'll admit it - I've never been a huge fan of straight out "exercise".

I enjoy hiking, skating, bike riding, or dancing. But if someone suggests going out and "exercising", I find myself thinking of a lot of other things I want to go do instead.

In my life right now I have the opportunity to exercise faith. I don't find this type "exercise" always particularly fun either. But right now there are several important situations that do not appear to be going my way, and I'm determined to continue to trust in God's grace and goodness regardless of what I see before me.

Lest by some chance you get the erroneous idea that I'm some faith filled marvel that is going to preach to you, let me make it perfectly clear that I am not.

It's just that I've done the depressoid-feel-sorry-for-myself thing in the past and find that I like that way less than any form of exercise be it in the physical or faith arena. I find that living my life choosing to trust in God's goodness and faithfulness results in a peace that is beyond anything my mind can understand.

One of the things I've found really helpful in my pursuit of choosing to trust God, is what I think about (I know, I know, to you it is probably obvious - but for me, it took years to figure that out). Philippians 4:8 tells me to choose to think on what is good and true, so lately I've chosen to start each day filling my mind with scriptures about God's goodness, faithfulness and the good plans He has for my life. I'm surprised to find that the more of these scriptures I put into my mind, the more I find my life permeated by peace and words of praise and faith in God's provision coming out of my mouth even when others are trying to be kind and commiserate with me.

What have you found helpful to living a life of faith?


RCUBEs said...

Amen! I love that verse, too! Been busy so I haven't been by. God bless you and protect you sister.

jenny said...

i love it. i'm not good at exercising my faith..:(

Being Me said...

Reading the bible and discussing it has helped my faith. In questioning I do find answers and I grow a little stronger in faith each time I do this exercise.
That's something that seems to have woken up in me more recently.

Hence I post on it whenever I get into one of these interpretation sessions with a friend of mine.

Peace be with you


photogr said...

Reading the scriptures is exactly waht God wants you to do to find peace and hope.

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