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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

So here I am thinking about Thanksgiving. What hits me most is that I've been so over the top blessed, how could I not adore Thanksgiving?!

These last few days I've been reflecting on God's many gifts to me.

Most of all I can never seem to get past the fact that God left his rightful place in heaven and took on human limitations to come live a perfect life on earth and die on the cross for me, because my sins require payment. I can never cease to be grateful for this great salvation that is mine! I never cease to be grateful that He loves me just how I am and desires relationship with me. For the fact that He has a good plan for my life.

Then there's all the just plain good stuff in my life: A husband who really knows me and still loves me, 3 healthy sons who I get to be a part of their lives and see them grow in God and grow in their gifts and vision. A home in a beautiful mountain town that most people only get to come to for vacations; I can go out my back door and hike up into the national forest just about every day. Friends who I can always count on and whose company I relish.

I really don't deserve to have it so good.

Then there's the fun traditions part of Thanksgiving day. This year we'll only have 7 at our table; a small year for us (someone else is gonna be blessed by the company of 2 of my sons this year). I really like cooking for people so I've been enjoying the planning, shopping and cooking leading up to Thanksgiving day. It seems that over time we've ended up with a set menu for the most part; the salad I tried one year that my niece liked so much, my husband John's mom's recipe for cranberry relish that he can't get enough of, the vegetable dish that I'm so happy with because it's fresh,colorful, healthy and simple. I've got to say that I detest the entire idea of marshmallows on top of yams - who thought of such a gross idea? So we always have fresh, baked, sweet potatoes with butter.

What about you, what thoughts are foremost in your mind this Thanksgiving? What are some of your Thanksgiving traditions?


Andrea said...

I, too have been thinking about how abundantly I have been blessed.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Blessings, andrea

RCUBEs said...

I'm so grateful for what the Lord had done! No.1 reason to be thankful for today! Happy Thanksgiving to you and may you have a blast with your family! I like the yams just with butter, too and a little bit of brown sugar. No marshmallows. We don't like turkeys that much so I'll be baking some prime rib. God bless.

Precious Gems said...

Happy Thanksgiving and may God bless you abundantly :)

Denise said...

Praying your thanksgiving was sweetly blessed.

photogr said...

Thanks giving is always a traditional time for my family to get together as a group and all share a meal together. It seems this is the only time we all can get together as a family and share our stories and worries.

My one daughters Deviled eggs and my wife's dressing always seems to be the big hit. This was my other daughter's first time cooking the turkey. She did a good job thankfully. Oh yes. The deserts is my all time favorites. Pumkin pie w/ whipped cream topping, red velvet cake, and banana cream pie. I pigged out on those.

The most important thing is I was blessed with a wonderful family that I am proud of and it was all possible through the Lord's grace.

Tracy said...

It's gives me joy to read about how blessed you are with your family photogr; God is so good. May we never cease to notice and appreciate all the good things He gives us each day.

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