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Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm not destined for popularity

To the right is an oft quoted alleged GoodHousekeeping article from May 1955. To enlarge it, just click on the article.

A good friend of mine sent this to me with the comment about how she came across this and thought it could provide a good laugh. Out of curiosity I went onto Google and found lots that many people had to say about this same article - all of it negative.

I know I'm not destined for popularity because I don't have a problem with the article.

Considering that women were home full time in those days, it made sense.

Recently I lost my job so I'm now home full time. Because of that I actually believe it's reasonable for me to focus on the needs of others in the family because I have more time to meet them and it makes all of their lives easier. I am an independent person but realize that in a family I have the blessing and opportunity to fight my sin nature that always wants to think of me first. Our culture would tell me that it's all about following my dreams and getting my needs met but the Bible says that my goal is to learn to be the servant of all.

Honestly, if both partners put forth as much thought and effort into pleasing the other as this article discusses, there would be less divorces. As far as the specifics such as have the children clean; I can not personally relate since my sons are teens. But if a woman is a stay at home mom of small children it might be a great idea to have a time before dinner and dad's homecoming to get the kids cleaned up. How nice for the guy to come home to a picked up house; I don't see that as a problem - it's orderly for everybody.

I guess the part about "his topics of conversation are more important than yours" could be considered bad. Then again, if both a husband and wife put the other person as more important than him/her self than it will make life so much better for each.

I don't agree with the "you have no right to question him" but the greater part of wisdom, forbearance and kindness is to be rather diplomatic when questioning another person's integrity, motives or judgment.

I actually adore the stated goal here to try to make your home a place of peace, order and tranquility where your, they say husband but I would say where each member of the family, can renew himself in body and spirit.

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