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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Captive Lover

Teresa of Avila is one of those Christian Mystics who I periodically read. She helps my mind think along different lines than those to which I would normally be drawn,. Today I read the following quote from her in regard to one's will when in prayer:

"It merely consents to God allowing Him to imprison it as one who well knows how to be the captive of its lover."

Oh to be like that!

This thought of the passionate lover that is captive was especially real to me today because I've been listening to the audio books of the Stephanie Meyers books. As I was cooking and cleaning today I was listening to Eclipse. These books show so well the captive heart of one in love.

My Savior is oh so desirable and lovable. He is faithful and true and powerful and interest ed in me and has my good at heart.

Oh Father, bring me to the point where my will is totally in Your control

Do you have someone who you periodically read that inspires your passion for God?

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