Jeremiah 29:11: For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future."

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Prayer for Devon

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Devon is my oldest son.  It's hard to believe it but he's already 31 years old - how did that happen?!  He's got so many wonderful things about it and I'm  grateful for the wonderful man he is.  Grateful for his heart of integrity.  He has his wounds too, because of my sin and failures when he was growing up.

I'm reading the Bible and other books as I seek to learn to pray.  This is the prayer I felt led to craft and am praying over Devon currently:

Father God, I praise You that You are the all knowing all powerful God!  I praise You that You have good plans for me and my children.  Thank You that You knew who I would be, the good and the bad, and that You chose to bless me with Devon as a son.  I praise You because I know that You love Devon more than I do.  Thank that you still chose me to be his mother; that amidst all my failings, I am the one you wanted to impact my son.  I praise You that You who began a good work in Devon will be faithful to complete it.

I ask forgiveness for the ways I’ve failed Devon.  For way his father and I’s messed-up-ness created holes in Devon’s heart.  I ask forgiveness for that unhealthy marriage that I participated in with Dale and all the pain and damage it inflicted upon Devon.  Please restore and heal his broken heart. I ask forgiveness for the fact that I wasn’t always present for Devon; that sometimes I failed to deal with the pain of life and chose to slip into food, daydreams, relationships and other things to numb out pain.   I’m sorry God, I was wrong.  I thank You for Your forgiveness.  Please dear God heal the parts of Devon that are broken because of mine, his father’s, and Dale’s failures.

Oh Father I pray that Devon would be a man who delights in You, whose pleasure and passion are remaining true to You. Father may Devon be a man who hides Your words deep in his heart and thinks on them throughout his days and nights.  Oh Holy Spirit empower Devon to experience You endless love beyond measure that transcends his understanding; may he be overflowing with Your love. May he be intelligent and discerning in knowing You personally. May Devon be firm like a tree deeply rooted by the brooks of bliss and bear fruit in every season of his life.  May Devon never be dry, never fainting, but experience your endless energy and boundless strength. May Devon refrain from pride and sarcasm, instead, make him a lover of people.  May Devon take up residence in a life of love.  Help him to daily make it as clear as he can to all he meets that he’s on their side, working with them and not against them.

Oh Holy Spirit please rise up big within Devon and give him what it takes to be a Husband and Father. May he demonstrate Your love toward Rachel.  May he be self sacrificing in that relationship.  Teach Devon how to be a father to his children dear God; bring resources into he and Rachel’s lives to help them continue to grow as parents.  Help Devon practice loving discipline with his children.  Open his eyes to who each of his children are as individuals and grant him insight into how to help each of them grow in the individual gifts You’ve bestowed upon them.

Father You are not a respecter of persons so I ask for you to bless Devon just as you did Joseph and David of old. Please put Your favor on Devon just as You did Joseph; so that everywhere Devon works both his superiors and those he supervises will be drawn to him and give him respect and authority.  May Devon be a leader like David; may he lead with skill and integrity of heart. May he care for the hearts of his wife, children, and the people he leads at work and in his community. Father please grant Devon the open hearts of those whom he leads so that he may speak truth into their lives.   .

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