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Sunday, December 4, 2011

When the going gets tough I need to be grateful

Times have been just plain tough for me these past few months. I’ve battled frustration and exhaustion. Due to work and life demands I’ve often not even gotten enough sleep. But I know that when life gets tough I need God. Need to do things His way. That my hope is in Him. So I’m trying to choose to note, and reflect on, the blessings that come my way every day.
Colossians 3:15 directs the followers of God to:
Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.
With this in mind I want to spend time today in gratitude and reflecting on recent blessings:
My niece has been studying some and says she’s actually starting to understand her math class sometimes. (She came to live with us this past August and her last progress report had 3 Fs and 1 D)
This same niece came to church today with her boyfriend.
The above mentioned boyfriend claims to be a Christian. I think they’re kind of the same type of Christians; she and he both have heard the Word and responded but are enticed by the world and are following after those things right now. But at least he’s open to the gospel and truth.
My middle son is open and honest with me. Even if right now he’s not sharing the things I wish he would; he’s into drinking alcohol and partying.
This same middle son is getting decent grades in college and has started a part time job now that football season is over. I’m also grateful that he’s in college on a football scholarship. Mostly grateful that God does have His hand on this young man's life and that my prayers for him are not in vain.
Friday afternoon the assistant warden at work came and sat in my office. He told me that the warden asked him to come talk with me. They wanted to let me know that they recognize that there’s no one in the facility that works harder or more hours than me. That they realize that I am getting nothing from anyone in the company and am on my own. They recognize that they had been beating me up all week and been so hard on me, because the customer ICE has been hard on them. They understand that many of the problems are not anything I can do anything about, and those that are, they see that I am working to resolve.
Oldest son Devon will be home for Christmas (I haven’t seen him since his college graduation in May 2010).
My husband John is encouraging, supportive, and loves me. That we we get to have time alone together.
That a friend took me to a thoroughly enjoyable Christmas home and quilt tour yesterday put on by the local quilt guild.
It’s beautiful and I live in Wrightwood with the clear skies and majestic tall pines.
Even though I’m tired and have so many challenges before me, I have so much to be thankful for. May I choose to think on these things.


RCUBEs said...

With my own adversities, God had always proven His faithfulness every time. And I know He is faithful to those who truly love Him and choose to see Him in everything that goes on in their lives. I'm glad you are choosing to rejoice and be grateful despite of what you had gone through and are going through. I think with all the changes in the Corrections system and other agencies that should be working together, it is just a lot of stress on everyone. Now that they're in the process of transferring some state prisoners to county jails, it seems more chaotic and the inmates are just sicker.

May you always remain strong sister Tracy and I'm glad that Custody recognized the effort that you do (not that you are asking for that) but I know that encouraged you more. I pray they will treasure a hardworking person like you and what an asset you had become for their line of work! May the Lord's wisdom continue to guide you and His protection cover you.

Alison said...

Thanks for sharing this, Tracy. It is a word in due season.

Jenny Gallegos said...

It's wonderful that even though there are some challenges in your life now, God is still working his grace in you and your family. Reading your post made me think that it's all about how we choose to see things and that faith in God will lighten all our burdens.

Want to share to you that I'm now reading the bible as what you have suggested a loooong time ago. Thanks for this wonderful post.

God bless Ms. Tracy! :)

Tracy said...

Rcubes-I love you my sister in the Lord. I'm grateful for the wonderful brothers & sisters in Christ I've met via the internet.

Alison - glad if I could in any way encourage another

Jenny - You've made my day!!!! I'd adore hearing about what God is showing you through His word.

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