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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Leaving on a jet plane

I'm leaving on a jet plane, but I do know when I'll be back again - after midnight this Sunday. So I won't be posting this week.

I'll be going with my husband John and 2 younger sons to see my oldest son graduate from West Point on Saturday and get married on Sunday. We decided to go a couple of days earlier so we could tour around West Point, enjoy Devon's last drill team performance, and sight see in Newbourgh. Wonder if I'll bore you to tears when I return with stories and pictures?

We'll see.


Tony C said...

You should be very proud Tracy. West Point is one of the finest institutions in the world.

Safe travels...and I think pictures would be a nice blog post or two.

Carol Scheevel said...

Tracy. I can't believe he's graduating already! And I had no idea he was getting married. Wow, that's a lot for your momma's heart to take in! I would love to have his address to send him my congratulations if you get a chance. He is such an amazing young man. Have a great trip and enjoy this time of making some lifelong memories with Daniel and Dylan and John as well! How fun! Love you Friend!
Love, Carol

May said...

Best wishes to your son...have a safe and joyous trip.

Duane Scott said...

Have a good time!!! !:)

Tracy said...

Thanks for the well wishes. Thanks for being willing to see my pics Tony.

Carol - the address that I have for Devon right now is at WP and he'll be gone after Sunday, so I'll talk to him about his new address. For some reason I thought you knew about the wedding; he met Ginger at WP and since they're both from out of state and have the closest of family coming out for their graduation, and their common friends already there, they decided to get married at 10:30AM on Sunday.

RCUBEs said...

How exciting that your son is graduating and marrying too? Congratulations to him! Have a safe travel and may God bless you all.

Michelle said...

Awesome! Have fun and congrats to your son! We'll miss you. :(

Being Me said...

Happy for you, enjoy the special moments today and memories you make for tomorrow.


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