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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What do you do when tough stuff happens?

Both Larry from Photogr Thinks and Victor from Time for Reflections have been talking this week about the same thing that's been on my heart for quite a while lately - how to respond when bad things, unfair things, happen. Interestingly enough, the pastor at my church just started a sermon series on Easter Sunday on a related theme, how to be on solid ground during shaky times.

I'm grateful that as I'm dealing with my own difficult circumstances, God is faithful to provide encouragment through His Word and other Believers.

As I've been studying in the book of Esther during my quiet times I've really been pondering Esther 4:14B (NIV):

And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?"

For me unfair life difficulties seem like an aberration, a glitch in the scheme of things. But Mordecai's words to Esther puts things into perspective - God knew before all creation that these events (in the case of Esther the events were that Haman had convinced King Xerxes that he should put all the Jews in the land to death) would take place, God knew that Esther would be there when these events occurred, and God had elevated Esther to the position of Queen so she could use her influence on Xerxes to resend the decision.

So I've been pondering the difficult situations in my life right now and asking God what is it that He wants from me in these situations? It's OK that I'm not too thrilled about these things - but what is the purpose that I'm supposed to be fulfilling?

To be totally transparent, I haven't received the answer yet. But I'm still choosing to trust God.

What about you, have you encountered difficult situations where you just knew God had put you, and you understood why He had you there?


May said...

Just love that cartoon. There are times when I am faced with difficult situations and know not why. No matter what happens, I will continue to trust God and hold on to his unchanging hands.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

"So I've been pondering the difficult situations in my life right now and asking God what is it that He wants from me in these situations? ... what is the purpose that I'm supposed to be fulfilling? ... To be totally transparent, I haven't received the answer yet."

Sometimes God puts us in certain situations for the benefit of others - not ourselves. So the purpose we are fulfilling in that situation is to be a good example to others. To accept God's will, however difficult, and to preach the Gospel by the way we live.

God bless you.

You're in my prayers.

RCUBEs said...

Difficult as it may seem, we know that God uses that moment to mold you, refine you. As you grow in character, a bigger purpose is what lies ahead. And I agree with bro. Victor, either it's for you or to serve others in the long run.

I had gone through a spiritual battle and sustained a neck injury that threatened my career. But God turned them into good and I believe He prapared me before I got placed in the correctional facility. Sustaining an injury helped me have compassion and going through a spiritual battle reminded me of it being real and how important I must put on His Armor and draw nearer to Him.

Be strong in the Lord's mighty power. God bless you sister Tracy.

Duane Scott said...

Haha... Loved the comic.

photogr said...

Every day I am faced with 100 problems and 100 different issues from evictions, to inability to pay rent, to coordinating bulding department issues for new homes, and getting people financial and spiritual help when they are in need with in the mobile home park that I run. And I thought this was a cream puff business venture.

I know I couldn't handle all this on my own with out some spiritual help. I just pray and ask the Lord to guide me through out the day.

Amazingly He does. Might not be what I expected but just having the feeling I am not alone with other peoples issues certainly makes the days easier to cope with.

Of course the key point is to have a constant communication with the Lord in good times and bad times.

Deborah Ann said...

Praise, praise, praise. I can't stress that enough. The trials are necessary, but unless we adjust our attitude to gratitude, the lesson will take longer to learn...

Tony C said...

It's only fair He puts me in those situation because of done a great deal of putting myself in those situations and looking to Him to bail me out.

Christ gives of joy through His love in good times and bad. It may be hard to be joyous during a tough spot...but I try to always remember no matter how long a difficulty's only temporary.

Crystal Mary said...

Hello Tracy,
I was in a difficult marriage, Mental, physical, and emotional abuse for 32 years. Today I see the good in my experiences, I learned to love my Savour more and more and depend on Him instead of on myself or someone else. He does say in Romans 8:28 that He works all things for our good..
If the world were completely rosey without the ups and downs, I believe it would be boring. After pain comes joy of it gone...Our Scar becomes a Star, and we become kinder and more tolerant.. saying, it is very had at the time. Many hugs!
Oh..Look at Angels on Assignment by Roland Buck in

Being Me said...

I can relate to that cartoon.. I have a 13 year old who thinks like that very very often..

I find myself in that place many times but I don' always understand why.

Mike said...

We may never understand why God puts us thru the tough times until glory. It's a challenge to remain faithful, but God will always glorify Himself in the end.

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