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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Connection can put a H.A.L.T. to despair

There's an acronym, H.A.L.T. - Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired.

Around 7PM this evening I had a H.A.L.T. experience.

I was just about arriving home from work; a bit late but looking forward to a much needed hike in the mountains behind our home with my dog Jake. I longed for the soul feeding that these hikes provide.

I had ate very little for lunch and was hungry. It's been a tough few weeks lately and I've not gotten as much sleep as I'd like, I was that deep kind of tired.

Then a nurse at work called telling me how she'd 5150'd our new admit who'd just come to the facility in the late afternoon today. We're a locked IMD - why would we ever 5150 someone? I didn't want to blast her but I was sooo frustrated!!

I felt like such a failure. I keep trying to train these people yet my training is obviously ineffective. I wanted to cry. I felt so alone.

But for some goofy reason I reached out to our brand new program director. He's just 30yrs old and has only been working at the facility a little over a week. But he and I really connected during the interview process and I've kept in contact with him throughout until his start day. He was great (of course he is an MFT) and really encouraged me. I didn't feel so alone; I felt like I had someone who I could work with to make this facility better.

So I emailed him a thank you and cc'd the DON & DSD because I also outlined some plans for change.

I really see how being able to connect, to not be alone, made such a difference!

I am so grateful to God for bringing the right people to my work for me to hire. So grateful that God is blessing me with being able to build a team that can work together to effect positive change.

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