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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Wham bam new job

Things happen so fast when it comes to my work.

Rhea (former DON in west LA and clinical director/boss in Victorville) texted me on Sunday, 10/8/17. She asked if I was still looking for a job.  I replied yes.  She texted me a location which I looked up on the internet and saw was within commuting distance from a house John owns and lets 2 of his adult children live in.I texted that John has a house in Covina and I could work there.  She said that would be great.

On the following Tuesday Rhea called me and asked if I could interview with the owner on the upcoming Friday.  I said yes and then told Kimberly my current boss of the upcoming interview.  (I had already handed in a resignation at Rockcreek for my last day to be October 31.  There just weren't enough staff and the burden of constantly coming in and filling shifts all over the place was just too much for me - I felt overwhelmed.)

Then later on Tuesday Rhea texted and asked if I could "start tomorrow".  I called and asked if she meant to interview and she laughed.  

We talked and she said the owner didn't need to interview me since she wants me. I said I would take the job but wanted to wait out the month. She texted me on Wednesday after 4PM that I needed to start the very next day or not at all.  I asked her to at least give me until Monday and she said OK
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